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The Healthy Truth with Dr. Andy Kaufman ( During this time where we’re all being tested on every level, I wanted to know how to prepare myself and you boos on what we can physically do to keep our bodies strong. In my search for answers, I learned more than I had ever hoped for and am confident in my body which I have cared for and will continue to care for by taking accountability.  I have also been mistreating it through sheer ignorance and I want to turn that around and be as self sufficient as possible and through knowledge.

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I understand this isn’t for everyone yet, but if you’re ready here’s more information: 


Dr. Andy Kaufman Channel

Dr. Andy Kaufman on Vaccines

Causes of illness (we only touched on 1):
– malnutrition
– toxic exposure, including electromagnetic radiation
– parasites
– psychological shock
– rare genetic anomalies, usually related to above

How to boost and build your body’s health:
– eat whole foods where you can see the actual food and avoid processed foods
– eat alkaline foods (ie kale, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes)
– make sure you get vitamin c (anti-oxidants)
– go outdoors (sun exposure allows vitamin D to process)
– increase physical activity
– neti pot (used for flushing the nasal passage): 
– table top distiller: 

Koch’s postulates are as follows:
* The bacteria must be present in every case of the disease.
* The bacteria must be isolated from the host with the disease and grown in pure culture.
* The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the bacteria is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host.
* The bacteria must be recoverable from the experimentally infected host.


A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology:

Dismantling the Virus Theory:

Dr Stefan Lanka – Pandemic

Documentary, The Biggest Little Farm

Court hearing on Vaccinations with Posey and Mark Zuckerberg


What Really Makes you Ill

The Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan

Inventing the AIDS Virus by Duesberg, Peter H.

Confessions of Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn

“Mucus is the cause of every disease. Eliminate the mucus and eliminate the disease”- Dr. Sebi 




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  1. Da Jon says

    you look well

  2. Maria Lorena Schutie says

    A few things:1) I grew up in Guatemala where medical care is few and far between and I have to tell you, seeing Americans, Canadians, and whoever else reject the PRIVILEGE of healthcare is disgusting. My Mom had us line up for hours to get antibiotics for my sister's kidney infection. You don't like Western medicine? Great, go live without it. Put your money where your mouth is.1) If the government wanted to get everyone to stop using vaccines, wouldn't it make more sense for them to say "yep, vaccines are bad, please don't get them" because all you folks who are AGAINST vaccines seem to just do the opposite of everything you're told by medical professionals? I get the feeling that NO MATTER what the CDC or FDA said or did, you folks would do the opposite. FDA: We recommend that your child continues to breathe oxygen AntiVaxxers: Uh, you're telling my child what to breathe? Nope, my kid is only breathing carbon dioxide. I am not a SHEEP! 2) t's important to question what people in power say and it's even MORE important to remember that every medical professional has something to lose and something to gain. This doctor has an agenda just like any other doctor; you might like his agenda more but it's still an agenda.3) The conversation around HIV/AIDS is very shamy Maya… pretty interesting for you to go down that route.

  3. tru3 luv says

    This is so interesting! Thank you so much! I want more content like this!!! 🙂

  4. C. Savaş says

    I guess you don't know why general studies take years…

  5. C. Savaş says

  6. C. Savaş says

    Pls Maya, just because there is someone with a PhD and who's teaching at a university doesn't mean he's an expert in this kind of field.Better read this's even a wikipedia article on misinformation on COVID. If you ask me: Dr. Kaufman should feel ashamed and should apologize.

  7. Rem I says

    Imagine a virus so deadly, you need a test to see if you have it.Imagine a vaccine so safe and effective you have to threaten and force people to take it.

  8. Jakub Keller says

    Proves there are some smart people like her left in the world.

  9. Fletchlie says

    Andrew Kaufman, MIT degree? Think again. MIT didn't even give that qualification out at the time he's saying he was there. Hes lying, just as he's lying about everything else. Wake up! 9mins 06secs

  10. sarah kelly says

    you are better off saving seeds from )organic and) domestically grown produce, I have heard imported produce is irradiated…. and thank you!

  11. Wayne Campbell says

    Wow… thanks so much for sharing Maya! I have not even finished listening to the video but already I've found it very informative. Especially when Dr. Kaufman shares on the good cholesterol and its place in our lives. Also your comments about living mindfully are bang on. We all can choose to be transformed and empowered by the renewing of our minds through giving diligent attention to making best choices through examining and evaluating contrasting and competing ideas and opinions. FEARLESS FAITH!!! UNASHAMED!… Love it!

  12. Billy William says

    The non-white female brain is the liberal statist brain, it cries out for government regulation… from the same government destroying us.

  13. Billy William says

    She's hispanic? I thought she was like Hawaiian or something…

  14. Erica Goff says

    Girl pay attention when he's talking to you, you're recording it, look up and do research afterwards…

  15. I Am Solia says

    This only popped up in my feed 4 months later. Thanks for taking the time to have this conversation

  16. Rubi Wade says

    I don’t think the naysayers even watched the video. Even if you’re pro vaccine these are really good pointers for your health period. Just do your due diligence and research for yourself. She’s not forcing anything on anybody she just has a different view on a controversial topic and she’s opening her platform to bring awareness when she didn’t even have to. So you unfollow her? Pssh y’all trippin

  17. LauraMina says

    As an autistic person and follower, discovering that you’re an antivaxx is gross. I wish people would just listen to actual autistic adults on this (non) issue. On top of that, I love how people who have money and access love to share to their mostly poor followers how to follow a “better lifestyle” the vast majority of people can’t afford. Telling people not to take a vaccine while 800k people died around the world. I’m all for questioning sources but there’s a lot of hypocrisy here. Especially from a WOC with a large Black following, knowing how access to basic case is hard af. It’s a huge unfollow.

  18. berni bern says


  19. TheHypnag0g222 says

    Kaufman is lying to you. He's doesn't have any qualifications to be speaking on this. MIT didn't even have a Micro biology degree at that time. He has no peer reviewed published literature.Don't get roaped into his scam. His assertions have all been thoroughly dismantled. Please see Dr. Kevin McCairn's channel for THE TRUTH about this man.

  20. Jimmy Favereau says

    om gosh pretty lady , please, nEVER eat that gmo synthetic meat <3

  21. cereyza says

    are you kidding me.. I'm not even surprised. you always did seem like a "natural earth energy vibes menifest wave spirit" type of person.

  22. Alex Anderson says

    Dr. Andy Kaufman on VaccinesCauses of illness (we only touched on 1):- malnutrition- toxic exposure, including electromagnetic radiation- parasites- psychological shock- rare genetic anomalies, usually related to aboveHow to boost and build your body’s health:- eat whole foods where you can see the actual food and avoid processed foods- eat alkaline foods (i.e kale, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes)- make sure you get vitamin c (anti-oxidants)- go outdoors (sun exposure allows vitamin D to process)- increase physical activity- neti pot (used for flushing the nasal passage)- table top distillerKoch's postulates are as follows:* The bacteria must be present in every case of the disease.* The bacteria must be isolated from the host with the disease and grown in pure culture.* The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the bacteria is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host.* The bacteria must be recoverable from the experimentally infected host.

  23. Janne- mans says to ever get rid of Coviddr Paul CottrellFauci needs to be arrested and investigated for prosecution for crimes against mankind

  24. Dérick Viana says

    Ok, so, lets begin.- malnutrition
    . Ok, I guess- toxic exposure, including electromagnetic radiation
    . Do you realise youre not saying ANYTHING with this, right? Toxics. What toxics? Also, you know what "eletromagnetic radiation" means? Literally ANYTHING. The light coming from the computer screen, the sun, heck, even a candle emits radiation. Also, suprise YOU emit radiation. Your body heat is exactly that. This statement means nothing and its just filler.- parasites
    . Can you be more vague? What kind of parasites? Dont you realise they are easily trackable? Another empty statement.- psychological shock
    . based on????- rare genetic anomalies, usually related to above. Again, based on?And finally, the "eat alkaline foods" BS. Anything you eat get "neutralized" before it enters your body. Now, read carefully, "ENTERS your body", mean INSIDE you. So im not talking about your stomach, im talking about you bloodstream, cells, etc. You digestive track is NOT inside you, in a way, its a tube that goes through you.This means that, even if you eat alkaline or acidic foods, you dont change the PH of you blood by ANY significant margin, if at all. This BS scam has been around for years and people still fall for it.

  25. I says

    Dr K runs the show

  26. F A says

    Why has this video not been banned yet You Tube? Is it wise to trust a psychiatrist regarding matters of virology? Especially when he doesn't even believe any viruses exist (let alone Covid-19) and he doesn't believe that germs in general can even make you sick. Does this seem reasonable? Is it really possible that almost all the doctors in the entire world and almost all the researchers, the microbiologists and virologists, have somehow been totally fooled into believing a lie?

  27. Mademoiselle Parallele says

    42 min is where I disconnected. People who wear masks? Doctors, dentists, nail bar employees.

  28. Amnuay Wattanasook says

    Hey girl why interfere with the expert about to explaining what’s the 4 important thing to remember but you led him to talk about others thing , what’s the point jump in telling viewers to get the pen ready , I think you interrupted him too much ,

  29. Laurel Sternberg says

    As regenerative farmer Gabe Brown says: the current paradigm in farming is KILLING: killing weeds, killing bacteria, killing insects. Yet beneficial bugs and bacteria outnumber pernicious ones 1000:1, and if we didn't kill the beneficial ones, they would take care of the others. Also, plants grow best in team with others, not monocultures.

  30. Laurel Sternberg says

    Check out the ingredients in spray-on sun screen for babies: Butane. Kerosene. Charming, eh? Best sunscreen: clothes and hats. We need direct sunshine, just not enough to burn the skin.

  31. 020ctmarie says

    Well this was disappointing…….

  32. Karen Turfus says

    What was the name of the man who has an interview talking about chicken pox?

  33. joy phillip says

    With the help of Dr.Osaoji on youtube i was able to get rid of herpes, i recommend him for this

  34. Pertinent Paradigm says

    Let the close minded ubsub, for every one unsubbing there's a new sub coming to subscribe like me. Dr. Kaufman knows what he's talking about. Respect for being brave enough to interview him at the cost to your channel and your reputation. Those ubsubbing aren't worth your time.

  35. Elkecita says

    I enjoyed this video until he messed it all up at minute 1:03:18… I'm not going to share it with anyone now. What BS to suggest we need to consume carcasses to be entirely healthy. Also his attempt to find fault with a vegan lifestyle by highlighting the destructive impact of monocultures and unsustainable modern farming methods is nonsense, because these are 2 separate topics.What a shame…

  36. High Frequency Radio says

    90 percent of illness comes from food! Why won't he just say it?!!

  37. - says


  38. JoJoZep ofthejungle says

    My father was a navy seal, my mother wasn't allowed to ask about his work but he did let one thing go, and that was DON'T VACCINATE.This coming NWO of mandatory vaccinations will kill more people than this virus that already exists inside our bodies, which only takes a push "with a vaccination" or malnutrition to become active. Why do you think take away food hasn't been closed while less contact places haven't been. If someone collapses in the supermarket, nobody will help, due to fear of a fine/virus. Its truly disgusting how far we have fallen.

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  41. zmelli says

    I hope she is wearing non-toxic make-up! The Moral of the story is Buy a Gun!

  42. Douglas Wayne says

    I was able to get rid of my herpes virus out of my body system with the help of Dr. Ahonle on youtube

  43. Davidson Tegga says

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  44. Off the Grid Free Housing says

    Dr. Andrew is the real deal. Simply, review his research… it's all online. Not a big deal. Same for vaccines… just do a bit of research. It takes up to 10 years to see if the vaccine is safe and ethical. No way is a vaccine proven safe in 6 months??? Also, they want to vaccinate all black people first???? It's just a cold.. and we can prevent and cure the common cold with D, C, A, HCQ and Zinc, and healthy foods. We don't need any vaccines. We are hiring for free housing jobs… never pay rent again. Live for free globally… never be poor again. FreeHousingNetwork dot com | We've got to love each other… we are all one! There is only one human race… people, we are all the same.

  45. Off the Grid Free Housing says

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  46. Eternal Awake says

    Once you take the red pill, you might want to keep in touch with the blue pills. Good against your own biases, helps me stay on track. Trust is lost in alote of our current day systems; school, politics, technology. Most importantly MSM… Fox and CNN both trash…

  47. Bob Trimper says

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  48. Vonnys Sweet Life says

    I know all those doctors you mentioned in this video

  49. Vonnys Sweet Life says

    Maya i really enjoyed this video thank you so much hun. I am awake and my children are exempt from vaccine in Florida. Also I plan on home schooling my 2 year when the time is right

  50. Adisa Courage says

    This is basic Naturopath. Root cause. heal Cause not treat symptom. Holistic Health. Most cannot comprehend because they subscribe to the opposite allopathic medical scientism. Great video, great research you are doing Maya. Keep going, no matter how much more people hate you for it with no reason other then cognitive dissonance.

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