The LITERAL WORST Call of Duty Mobile Rip-Off Android Games… 不不


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More TERRIBLE Call of Duty Mobile Rip-Off Android Games!

Hi friends!! ExxotikGaming here back with another super funny Call of Duty Mobile video! I’ve made many videos like this in the past, and guess what?! We’re back playing some more TERRIBLE Call of Duty Mobile rip-off Android clone games!! They’re so bad, it’s painful. xD Please, don’t play these games unless you want to lose 5 years off your life expectancy!!!

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  1. ExxotikGaming says

    Oops, super late upload. Hopefully it was worth the wait!! I apologize ahead of time, now that Ive stated classes again and I have lots of work, my videos may be uploaded later each day this semester. Ill try my very best!! Hope you enjoy.

  2. mark Ingco says

    Pixel gun 3d gameplay


    1:02 thats happened to me in warzone way too many times

  4. TM says

    I could've sworn u was a boy but whatever

  5. Dynamitron 07 says

    0:11 wheeeee im making myself dizzy

  6. Jevaughns Gaming says

    This funny af

  7. Jevaughns Gaming says

    Lol what game is this thou

  8. Vaughn Errol Gonzales says

    22:30Thats got to be the best pirate ive ever seen

  9. Lorenz Grande says

    Pls make more ripoff games

  10. Lorenz Grande says

    Keep it going exxotik gaming we loved your videos

  11. Zamir Jones says

    *guy spinning **unknown deep voice *-"CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER! "

  12. Kevin Hu says

    Next time when you do a video like this. Make sure you have adblock or some methods of removing the ads. That way the ripoff game developers won't make any money off stealing. I can guarantee 100% of the time the game will be infested with ads.

  13. MeltingShirt ' says

    wow hey, can you play Among us! like if agree


    It's 3:37 AM here in India I will come back at morning

  15. David Jacobs says

    Golden Eye graphics

  16. KrunkerBot says

    Just me or does he sound like sapnap?

  17. miguel gonzalez says

    These are the types of games my little cousin had he swiched to cod tho idk if he still has these games

  18. RaptorThe Slayer says

    Tuk tuk rickshaw 不

  19. RaptorThe Slayer says

    This video literally made my day much happier ! 不

  20. Joshua Hailey says

    The last game had captain price and ghost in it

  21. Glowy Danger says

    these games like Call of Daddy

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