1. Anubis Racing says

    why does everyone look like they smoked a dozen blunts ? or is it just me??? good content, enjoyed the video btw

  2. Cory Beauchamp says

    Badass video buddy

  3. Elias Reyes Jr says

    how much PSI did kyle let out on that foot race??

  4. Connor Dun says

    Brent’s Joker laugh still gets me every time

  5. D-LOK says

    Y’all said fuck the Rona 🤣🤣

  6. Mark Miroshin says

    You have a jump on every race

  7. Dean Butler says

    Who was the dumbass that hit the Cleetus's C8 with the 4 wheeler?

  8. Yohanan from the tribe of Judah! says

    Straight up man Brent is such an awesome individual lucked out real good when you met him Kyle honestly he has been a big part of taking your channel to where it is and he is always so humble 9 minutes 30 seconds you should have let him win

  9. 413xxx86 says

    Amazing cars and happy to see them. Been super busy with life and work and…. I’m super fired up about what y’all doing.

  10. Sir Grumples says

    Blue turd SHO is so awesome

  11. Pudgy Pedal Pusher says

    RIP to the car at 8:46 😳

  12. Damien Doisher says

    Time to make it nice

  13. RADB 02 says

    39:20 Jamie looks smashed 😂😂😂😂40:37 Kyle definatley smashed 😂😂😂

  14. Operation 660 says

    I love brent but he needs to let amileo drive hondaru lol

  15. J Tadros says

    The boys finally get groms?? I've been wondering why they havent gotten groms yet

  16. J Tadros says

    8:47 does anyone know what happened to the ford in the background?

  17. random guy 23 23 says

    Can't believe I didn't show up to it. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. Logan Castle says

    "Theres no gears in running so you can't miss them" that one got me 😂😂

  19. XOZ Industries says

    That dude in blue channel is still alive?

  20. Lsx s10 says

    7:03 brent🤣🤣🤣 "it made 45 lbs (huge smile) yeah we should probably turn it down.."

  21. Nathan Lodder says

    Just SICK…+1 for the late night stuff

  22. Cheque Taylor says

    I love seeing Brent drive. #2 on the top 3 boostedboiz drivers list behind Emilio

  23. CriticoolHit says

    I like how the rowdassy is 1000hp every day of the week except for race day. Then its 900hp.

  24. Alex Goodchild says

    Yay!! So good to see hondaru having fun and no axle breakages for Kyle just smiles super sweet nice video boyz

  25. Vinny T.Lopez says

    Anyone else notice the destroyed ford fusion in the back ground at 8:47 😂😂

  26. J Kent Simmons says

    Brent Tunes minivan to its absolute best performance before racing it in his own car

  27. Thomas Waldorf says

    Content was awesome, but please leave the political adds out.

  28. jason najera says

    Fk that green car

  29. FLUROUSKII says


  30. Andrew Doyle says

    Hey Kyle dont forget to caint the page in the Audissey

  31. Albatross Garage says

    So sick! I can’t wait till you can run it on full rip. Keep up the great content.

  32. David Phipps says

    There's no gears in running 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Kaden M says

    6 feet peeps

  34. Anibal Babilonia says


  35. Richard Meyer says

    Kyle, please get a helmet that fits….

  36. Fuzion180 says

    Great video this!! some cracking races

  37. Andrew Murray says

    Brents smile when he told Kyle the Rowdessy made 45 pounds of boost ?…..priceless !! 🙂

  38. Max's Inventions says

    That gtr owner is pure salt

  39. Big Biscuit says

    Holy fuck were the boys stoned on that outro 😂

  40. Taicago Chris says


  41. Taicago Chris says

    " There's no gears in runnin', so i cant miss em" – Kyle (Boosted Boiz) 2020

  42. WillyWanker says

    Baked af lol 40:20

  43. Demo Donny says

    Brent should have played the joker

  44. Jose Rotary says

    Ice cream cruise was bad ass, awesome guys nice racing lol 💯👍👍👍

  45. joe ph says

    ''anybody beat you yet ? no, I have a fully overassisted, automated rocket, easier to drive than a NSX on forza Xbox. What do you own ? a rs3. what did you did on it? I dont know, the garage did.'' What a car guy. lol

  46. M**c** **n* says

    Brent is sucha dude and epic tuner. Boostedboiz loving the content 👍😎💜

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