The Nintendo Virtual Boy – Game Sack – Review


288 – One of Nintendo’s few console flops, the Virtual Boy was marketed as a portable 3D gaming system with stunning red and black graphics. Let’s look at every single game for the system, and then some!

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  1. Game Sack says

    What do you think of the Virtual Boy?

  2. Tone Thicc says

    I tried doing this like a magic eye and it actually worked a tiny bit. Ugly as heck though

  3. bigjake360t says

    Were they messed up was it didn't have Super Smash Bros.

  4. Pacsonic says

    No mention that the music in the Hyper Fighting homebrew is close to the PC Engine version of Street Fighter 2's music?

  5. Heimerich Blake says

    In Space Squash use the homing attack against the bosses. It's one of the three options you can select before each match. Give the game another shot, Joe, it's really fun.

  6. Chris W. says

    I have monocular vision, this is the first time I've seen the Virtual Boy properly. Thanks for capturing the footage this way!

  7. John V says

    Virtual Boy Nintendo's first attempt in making a hybrid console/handheld gaming system. Shame that the system was a failure.

  8. Robin Williams says

    MY EYES!

  9. Raymond Frand says

    At first, I thought The Fiend was there

  10. Ryan Whitelaw says

    Where can I rent JackBros for a dollar? What a strange comment 😉

  11. Chris Montano says

    I never knew you could use the SNES AC Adapter to power this thing.

  12. Chris says

    Oh boy, filmed in Virtual-Boy-o-Vision! Because who needs retinas anyway!

  13. 6+ Stevo says

    They seemed to make a really strange selection of games on this machine that juat didn't benefit greatly from the 3d perspective.Imagine if the virtual boy had a version of Doom on it!

  14. gael jehanno says

    Nice system on my shelve(my only game console i never played).

  15. bigemugamer says

    AMAZING review of this console! Love the fact you got hardware to do a proper visual review of the games.Best review of the Nintendo Virtual Boy FOEVAH!! =DThat's right future guy wanting to do a review of the ancient Virtual Boy, the best review has already been done, go do something else.Edit: I guess the Virtual Boy's ability to have a screen for each eye gives it a more realistic 3D effect. it must be because of the hardware you're using for this review that makes these "3D" look like Super NES games with mere paralaxing effects. This console visual effects feel even MORE horrible (if that's possible) after learning one of it's games was on the Sega Masters system 7 years prior AND looked better back then!2nd Edit: 30:35 was that real!! it almost, ALMOST looked like you were using CG to make your left eye move independently of your right eye. I trained my eyes do exactly that so I could imitate 'Ogre' from the Revenge of the Nerds films, it took some time to accomplish and when I do do it, it causes eye strain and discomfort after a couple of minutes.

  16. millgiass says

    I can't watch this. 4 seconds in and my eyes are screaming.

  17. Alexander Jones says

    Wouldn't be the first time I spent $400 on 5 minutes of fun….

  18. Friendly Metroid says

    First time I see your stuff, recommended via LGR. Love the presentation and detail with the sfx and stop motion.

  19. Kid Ide says

    After several minutes watching those game my eyes get hurt.. i cant stop rubbing.. just red..

  20. jsb0714 says

    "Rainbow Road has never looked so colorful." Well, I can't argue with that. Awesome review!

  21. Orkoto says

    The channels content keeps getting better and better keep up the good work!!!!

  22. Stephen G says

    I played so much vb in the 90s my friend got a console and almost complete set of games for like 50$

  23. Shane Kelley says

    I play VB games on the emulator using my Nvidia 3d Vision monitor. The 3d looks great and you can change the color of the screen. I use plain black and white. Really enjoyed Wario. But I hadn't heard of the street fighter homebrew. I'm going to check it out.

  24. Matt Terror says

    With this and Jeremy Parish's series, it really is the year of the Virtual Boy.

  25. Han Dolo says

    @ 7:21, "for whatever reason Mario is having absolutely none of that" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and hell, btw it looks like that game played quite well, I probably would have enjoyed it

  26. NERV Agent says

    Like staring into a laser pointer.

  27. P Yang says

    24:20 I can find others things I can pay $400 for 5 mins of fun. It will compliment the music as well.

  28. Yu Tubaru says

    Thumbs up for the final line

  29. DaSHalpha says

    my screen electronics are disintegrating like everyone elses 🙁 Wish they'd released a VirtualBoy game collection ported to 3ds, I didn't play those games enough back in the day. Bought a VB for like $50 when they had fire sales after it bombed.

  30. Tydyman200 says

    Definitely want that Wario game

  31. KageMaxwell says

    That ending. lmao

  32. james perreault says

    Just got to say that red to regular color thing was awesome

  33. Johnny Dollar7 says

    Wait where tf you get that VB dealy to record your footage??

  34. Jesse Leppert says

    I've actually been playing some VB emulation on my Oculus. It's been pretty nice being able to enjoy Mario Clash and Wario Land in 3D without the headaches.

  35. Paul. says

    Is he looking at the camera or a script, can't make my mind up, seems a bit plastic to me 🤨

  36. WegZurHölle says

    16:35 that looks exactly like HAJIME NO IPPO on game boy advance, same style of graphics same style of animation. HNI on GBA is fantastic try it out

  37. AlexNintendoSega says

    I would have loved to see Doom running on the Virtual Boy

  38. WegZurHölle says

    the virtual boy was a reality fail

  39. AnalogX64 says

    23:30 and people say E.T. for the Atari 2600 is the worst game in the world. PS: I wonder if someone has made an emulator on modern VR goggles to play these games.

  40. randomgamer 9780 says

    Consolized VB????? More info please!!!!!!!

  41. randomgamer 9780 says

    Love my Virtual Boy. Still play it now and then.

  42. MorrisseysMonkey says

    Instant blindness.

  43. Dr. Corndog says

    Was really hoping you'd break out one of Benj Edwards' custom Virtual Boy joysticks for Hyper Fighting.

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