1. Anjali Jethwa says

    Why don't they fricken write it in proper words and not something like E613 i believe its stupid and i'm religious so i can't eat beef. I'm sure many people have religious reasons or are vegetarians, pescatarians, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian etc

  2. Neon Storm says

    This thumbnail is used again
    Who noticed?

  3. Adit Mital says

    you're in the U.A.E?

  4. savage cupcake says

    Me: Reading the gummy bear ingredients
    Ingredients: doesn't contain any pig or pig fat gelatine
    Me: i-

  5. Ruel Momo says

    So your telling me that my favorite meal spam has pork inside of pork

  6. xkdrs says

    Beef gelatin is Halal by the way 😅

  7. Gaming Sniper says

    The vegan food is good for that vegan teacher

  8. Adnan Odjoski says

    This makes me not eat enymore

  9. James Dsouza says

    I like how he is mentioning the united Arab Emirates alot as I live there currently

  10. Zuhair Hisham says

    Hey Nas! When will u visit Qatar?

  11. amay428 says

    Well, I'm vegetarian and I'm Indian. Since 45% of our country is vegetarian, the government probably has strict measures to make sure that companies don't put meat in our food. I guess I'm fine then.

  12. Mohamad Nizam Hj Janudin says

    there no covid-19 in brunei if u dont beilv than go there

  13. ManazandLamas_ Gamez says

    Wait a min omega 3 comes from frickin fish!?

  14. Tea Phutt says

    Fun fact : he used the same thumbnail as the vegan video

  15. Unicorñ_157 Wolfie says

    So… you figure this all out by the news???
    Hm, interesting. :/

  16. Rajesh Raut says

    What if corona vaccine contained pork gelatine? Will religious people still avoid it?

  17. pudding duck says

    Me:about to eat chocolate
    Also me:Hmmmmm let me look at the little labellllll

  18. Kristian Guska says

    So we’re not supposed to eat ever bruh

  19. Arkhan A says

    im muslim and its gonna be hard

  20. war robots Lego tutorials says

    the orange juice i was drinking while watching has E235

  21. Abdulla Khaled Ahmed Abdulla Al Hammadi says

    Cause it has that number

  22. Abdulla Khaled Ahmed Abdulla Al Hammadi says

    What is E551

  23. yasin askari says


  24. Kim San says

    you see I’m everywhere!

  25. Bruh Wat says


    I see you girlfriend in an ad

  26. Tess Greene says

    that’s more than a minute lol

  27. Ray Mak says

    10% sugar makes subway super addictive

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