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  1. coopercastille2 says

    10:35 that's mission street noT PRISON LANE YOU FAKE ASS SONIC FAN

  2. SoniGen99 says

    Ikr? Sucks that Power Plant’s only a minute long on heroes’ only digital release (at the time I’m commenting this). Yeah it’s repetitive but who cares? It’s great

  3. Videogamingfreak13 says

    I actually have S.A.M.E. 2 but I unfortunately need it as a bargaining chip to acquire FLAC rips of volume 1, if anyone can provide that S.A.M.E. 2 shall be shared for all.

  4. J-Roland Anything and Everything says

    Love sonic and it’s music

  5. Narancia Ghirga says

    I like JP Sonic CD OST Alot THAT OST IS SUCH A JAM!

  6. GameCube Plus says

    SA1 has my second favorite sonic soundtrack just behind Unleashed and both are some of the greatest video game OSTs I’ve ever heard and it’s really interesting seeing how SA1&2 music has evolved from 1999 to 2020

  7. Nate Jackson says

    I was so hype when I saw the thumbnail.

  8. Mage SMT says

    Glad to see you uploading again.

  9. SuperShadix Boom says

    Wow wasn’t expecting this lol thx for the video Cooper really Enjoyed it

  10. Flamebolt says

    LOVE the amount of research you do for your vids Coop, Great work👍🏽

  11. spinball production says

    Good video

  12. Mr Bond says

    I missed the sonic videos👍

  13. EMILISRA says

    4:27 jaiden animations

  14. StarFlies says

    For the longest time I thought that heros was released in 2004 for some reason

  15. ehab seifo says

    First 🙂

  16. Bluenderd says

    Nice 🙂

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