The Ultimate Aero Bike | The Weird World Of Recumbent Racing


Recumbent bikes are the fastest type of bicycle thanks to their aerodynamics and low position. But just how hard are they to ride? How fast could James ride one?

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  1. Gameboy 123 says

    Want to learn to fly? All you have to do is look up and smile

  2. Ryan Wigney says

    Lycra is a target for traffic x

  3. The Furretinator says

    Imagine driving on the free way or something and you just see this thing out pacing you.

  4. saferider10 says

    Useless on climbs

  5. Take It Outdoors says

    Fun. It's too bad you did get to do a lap with your regular road bike too to compare.

  6. Shane Thomas says

    you'll have to come over to Aus and have a look at our HPV (human powered vehicle) races, most high schools in victoria compete in a 24hr team race, 70kmph on the straight is the speed to beat.

  7. /Echo parody’s says

    Why’s it got a shitty gripshift?

  8. Hugh Oxford says

    Given that you use 70% of your energy pushing the air @ 12 mph on a diamond bike, this would seem to be the future.

  9. Theodor Tunkson says

    That man looks like Jurgen Klopp

  10. Dhugon says

    I got a Quest xs and dont use the should pads so I can move my whole body weight more in the corners. Otherwise it rolls pretty quickly if you take a fast turn. With your weight fully to one side one can take a corner at much higher speeds than conventional bike as well.A lot of fun racing other bikes and electric bikes that have a top speed lower than the velomobile. They are always surprised there's no engine in it 😀

  11. Joel Atteberry says

    As also a runner I'm always debating cooling effect of air on performance vrs slowing of speeds due to drag

  12. Tim Lewis says

    I'd be curious to get a comparison time on a standard diamond frame upright. I've been wanting one of the unfaired trikes for a while but compared to a conventional bicycle, the prices are through the roof!

  13. Adam Heusman says

    This would be the ultimate zombie apocalypse getaway vehicle

  14. Lemon Tree says

    Someone drives one of these to work past my house every day. Always wondered why you would drive something this heavy. I guessed it was for rain protection. He is pretty fast though.

  15. The DIY Shop says

    I race in a annual 24 hour Recumbent race and it is insane, the speed you can hit in this are amazing. The best way I have to explain what it is like to race one is like bumper cars on steroids

  16. angry asian dad says

    The spooky music made it feel very tense at parts…

  17. Saudade says

    The secret is smiling! Lmao

  18. Sean Sean says

    I don't even bike but this video was sweet thanks

  19. nightmare 6352 says

    50kmh = 31mph

  20. EspressoCookie89 says

    Where can I buy one?

  21. ur mom says

    I wonder if anyone made a rear wheel one and could wheelie it

  22. Alexander Stollznow says

    Does anyone know how these times compare with the same person on a conventional bike?

  23. James says


  24. Freaky Door knob says

    Cool thing about aero bikes is that if you die you already have a coffin

  25. BeyondWrittenWords says

    with your bike too

  26. Clinton Baltazor says

    I enjoyed the video up until you have to drop the 47! You guys and your stupid code.

  27. T Dawg says

    The weirdness doesn't stop at racing recumbents – gotta say a lot of people who tour on them are pretty strange as well.

  28. Al Kaholic says

    We needed a lap time comparison with a regular (non-recumbant) racing bike to put it all in perspective.

  29. Brave Chicken says

    Smile smile smile ?SmiiiiiiiiLLLLLLLLLeeeeee

  30. Timon0808 says

    More like: a cucumber bike

  31. Manuel Alejandro Orquera Valdivia says

    Me dá gusto que exista gente inteligente que nos dé la solución a un transporte de energía limpia, económico y saludable, el problema es implementarlo en las selvas de ciudades en que vivimos.

  32. ashish rana says

    See James die inside 16:27

  33. MadDog says

    anyone riding a recumbent bicycle needs to be hit

  34. Priyam Mascharak says

    3:35 they didn’t need to zoom in on moobs

  35. h says

    this guy keeps telling me to smile and im not comfortable

  36. Dildo Baggins says

    "pickin up some good speed now!"Camera pans along side him while he looks to be moving at walking speed ? ? ?

  37. scorpions23438 says

    Yall should watch gmbn

  38. Meow says

    I would have liked if you also tried it with a normal bike, because now you can't really compare it to those

  39. SOYL says

    Velomobiles is so Intellegence for buying because YOU DONT NEED PETROL 🙂 A REASON FOR BUYING AND MAKING IT CHEAP FOR ALL PEOPLEwhen you would i can test youre Special New Velomobiles that not Market for give a Opinion its good or bad its normally 100% better than my normal but i dont need Race gears for 65 km/h reaching a mountain down 52 Tooth x 13 tooth = 63 km/h 52 x 11 = 70 km/h If the wind didn't brake any time then I would be the fastest and one of the legendary racing cyclists I can achieve what I wanted

  40. Rohan preet says

    James- dead?Bonnie-smile Just smile??

  41. Dylan Morgan says

    Did i watch Paul Walker drive banana?

  42. no name says

    Гавно какоита

  43. Echostrix Hrnz says

    Supah lowered bikes

  44. AbnormallyNormal // says

    Imagine an electric version ?

  45. ey says

    oh man. the "smile technique" is killing me. I'm definitely using that one when I'm teaching someone something.

  46. Kevin Su says

    My neck hurts so bad from watching this

  47. gusjeazer says

    How do they do on climbs? I've heard they don't fare so well uphill?

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