These Legendary Fortnite Emotes Have The Best Music! #3 (Blinding Lights, TikTok Dance & Emotes..)



These Legenadry Fortnite Emotes Have The Best Music! #3 (Blinding Lights, TikTok Dance & Emotes..)

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Outro Music: HAZRD & KNUTSHED – Leave This Place ft. Max Landry

In This channel i post showcase of various skins emotes leaked skin, leaked emotes and compare fortnite skins with new skins and old skins.

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  1. Wren says

    Which level are you on this season? did you unlock holofoil wolverine?

  2. Aslak Reiakvam says


  3. Bentley Kessler says

    I'm 250

  4. FORTNITE 3006 says

    I am level 199 played a lot this season

  5. GamingWithAries Santiago says

    I’m at level 500000

  6. Vedder-Cameron Bruno says

    I am on level 124 and i am playing fortnite alot

  7. Brawler Leon says

    Hello my love dance say so and rolle and out west

  8. Cool Savage Rei says

    You scared OF Copyright

  9. Ikonik 1 says

    I’m level 182

  10. It’s Combat The Pro シ Squad says

    I think he has almost all of the skins

  11. Mia Grace says

    Ayo less than level 100 gang were u at.

  12. Kirbendo says

    Level 140

  13. Gamer Laila says

    I am on level 390

  14. Gamer Laila says

    I am not on level 300

  15. Sabahat Sarfaraz says

    I love fortnite

  16. Hunter Gertsch says

    Ghoul trooper is better at freestyle

  17. MARYAM TAHIR358 says

    Who love scenerio ??

    Like if you do !

  18. aaron kellett says

    I love your vids and fortnite you are the best and most of a fan

  19. Jaid Marie Lynn says

    im level 87 i did not unlock wolverine and idc about him cause hes a trash skin

  20. Jaanav Gaming says

    Ikonik forever

  21. Liel ozmos says


  22. DEON JOHNSON Student says

    My level is 148 and i dont have holofoil wolverine i reall want a halloween skin my first time in fornitemares

  23. Luis Franco says

    i Love Fortnite

  24. OV3RP0WERED says

    "Legendary emotes"
    Dude, I'm your sub since 2018-9 and I can't believe you just click baited!
    that's it, I'm unsubscribing.

  25. Bruno Belvedere en cuarentena says

    Never gonna

  26. RIV_Blocky says

    1 of the first

  27. Matt Pach says


  28. Sub to my Channel in a year please Quinn says

    Good video

  29. Thiago tomas jajajajaja says


  30. Thiago tomas jajajajaja says

    Say so

  31. Thiago tomas jajajajaja says


  32. Vitor Emanuel says


  33. Aiden Gentile says


  34. Aiden Gentile says


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