They Couldn't Stop Us & Made Us Switch Teams! 5v5 Basketball In Chicago!


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Played in a random mens league in Chicago for fun and this happened…

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Make sure you guys smash the like button on this video and subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all! More videos coming soon! 🙏

  2. Jaden Waterfall says

    How was that a fowl 🤨🤔

  3. Dhch NEdnn says

    Bro the guy with the sleeveless shirt looks like spencer dinwiddie

  4. alex de la t says


  5. Jay HF says

    That windbreaker you got on in the beginning tough sl ✔️

  6. Dallas McCullough says

    masterchef season 10

  7. BackyardOfExtreme says


  8. Talon Trent says


  9. AMV KING says

    z.migiro love your videos ❤️❤️

  10. Lukas Jensen says


  11. SkinnyBoyGriff says

    @skinnyboygriff on IG

  12. Backendsigs says


  13. Eclipse Frosty says

    Yo wassup my insta is matthewayee_

  14. Talon Trent says


  15. Tristan Lunt says

    My guys a killer

  16. SUBSCRIBE IF 2020 IS TRASH says

    play mikey tjass

  17. Pwayko says

    Certified scrubs y’all play smh

  18. Sannisha H says

    You and mikey should 1v1 that will be fier

  19. Prompt2k says

    Aye jass I live in Kenosha, heard you were from here bro. That’s sick

  20. Damion Gee says

    Play mikey 1v1

  21. *duffinmcmuffin * says

    He kinda looks like Jack Harlow

  22. I Jacob says

    Actually we want the straight hair back tjaZz

  23. I Jacob says

    Re do the perm my guy❤️

  24. Emery Giles says

    Can you please come to Bloomington Indiana there's a park called switchyard they play five-on-five pickup games every night 6 to 9 usually and you can lower and higher the goals

  25. Vincent Mullett says

    There were so many 3s made!

  26. John Lagos says

    Tjass vs mikey make it happen🔥.

  27. young_ travis says

    Imagine getting a heart from tristan Fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  28. Nissan Guy says

    How come almost every white dude that plays ball has a q-tip hair cut? lol

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