1. Bryce playz says

    Sup juicy this my new acc

  2. Slick says

    juicy you should play dimer

  3. Z_YTwolf says

    I love see u to dog other people

  4. tim34w0rk says

    Me: sells what I get: WYD ME QBJuicy: sellsWhat he gets: it’s alr juicyPpl only respect youtubers and I hate that. One time I met fate_ghosty in FF he wanted global rusher and everyone blocked for him and didn’t mind he was hogging and when I hog I get unvoted

  5. Beth Teixeira says

    lol 7:12 u had a voice crack

  6. KJOnCrxck says

    the 1st video when juicy says gimme that and he actually gets it lol

  7. LaKia Hayes says

    Juicy has the the best moss

  8. Avontae Major says

    John I’m just like you

  9. Travis Lewis says

    You should make a juicy john jacket on roblox, il cop that

  10. Isaac King says

    U talk to much lol

  11. Peter Medina says

    It's funny the way he thinks he has it but doesnt lol

  12. Jayden Cyr says

    I play football Fusion and i'd like to see you

  13. swaggy cracked says

    Juice can you do a vid and show your stats

  14. ehching says

    bro i got banned for missing a catch and saying "mb i sold"

  15. Derick Cheeks says

    Uff that’s meat h where’s color

  16. Aaron Football says

    Hi Juicy Love your vids

  17. hi sisters says

    juicy go moss

  18. yungboi is a qt says

    Ay juicy u should rlly calm down on these scores man ur practically bullying these kids 🙂

  19. Rodion Englund says

    The merch looks fire

  20. Karen Mclaughlin says

    Juciy u deon Sanders

  21. Evan Bealer says

    Swear I'm a god Wr i can moss terivent

  22. Mattew_M25 Plays says

    I wear your roblox merch and your real merch is being shipped rn

  23. vvJadon says

    In my head when i say the video title : They were trash wr's and let juicy moss them( srry to say it, love ur vids and all but ur kinda not a decent a wr)

  24. Daxton Guerrero says

    yo CBS come get this man hes the best commentator youll find in ages…

  25. Cedric McKnight says


  26. kev in says

    if you get mossed by juicy, delete your account, destroy your pc, and never play video games again

  27. E and B Entertainment says


  28. E and B Entertainment says


  29. E and B Entertainment says

    juicy I friend you on roblox


    man and night mb


    xd this mn said it is 3am wich is the day time so it aint jight right but mabey na this man aint att night he at day am no hater ight peace

  32. Grandpa Hewitt says

    Question for juicy:how do we get into your videos?

  33. Seth Breeden says

    Stick to throwing 👀

  34. cany dave says

    How much times he said lets go

  35. Roblox Fusion says

    I was 200th like lol

  36. Diamond Sej says

    accept my request plz my nam is junior_throwsdimes

  37. Areion White says

    I'm sorry but juicy just sounds irritating don't know why but had to say it.

  38. Gaster says

    Juicy be like I CAN MOSS BOIS

  39. day Dreamers says


  40. PrinceSynx says

    5:07 pls stop saying it makes me cy of funny bc you said thaat

  41. Zora Canlas says

    juicy john got good luck

  42. Outlawed says

    Bruh I kind of want to play this game without knowing anything about American Football. 🙂 I wonder how many people will get mad. I will just play it everyday knowing I'm bad. UwU That's the only way to get better I think.

  43. SauceySeth says


  44. Lenuel Shipman says

    Me they thought I couldn't moss mmmm let me watch

  45. Carla & Jr Deoliveira says

    U needa work on ur form so u don’t get jammed

  46. somen00bforall says

    i like the juicy intro c:

  47. Pepito Playz says

    1:36 that is a cross field dang it

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