This $28 Android Tablet Isn’t All That Bad – The Cheapest Tablet on the Market


In this video, we take a look at The Cheapest Tablet on the Market The $28 7 inch Onn Gen 2 Android tablet from Walmart.
Powered by a quad-core 2GHz CPU and backed by 2GB of ram “ Same Specs as the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8” is it worth $28? I think so and this could be the best Android tablet I’ve ever tested for under $30! And it’s on sale right now during the early Black Friday sales at Walmart!
We down unboxing, go over the Specs, test some YouTube video playback, run some native android games like Minecraft and Call of duty mobile and finally test out some of our favorite emulators like RetroArch for PS1, Mupen 64 plus FZ for N64, and Redream foe Dreamcast.
IF you are in the market for a very very low-cost android tablet this might be the one for you.

Buy it Here:
Or get The Amazon Fire 8 here:

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  1. Wasif Arts says

    Faster than my IPad 6th gen🥶😰😫🤯🤯🤯🤯

  2. Mikey Likes IT says

    was this for special deal only? it is not $28 now

  3. Bart Zuidgeest says

    Now if only there was a link for people not in america. Seems like a nice tablet for all kinds of tasks, serving as a fancy remote control

  4. Martin de Mesa says

    $28.00 for a new tablet – when you kid throws it down the stairs $125.00 to replace the screen. It's kind of fuel for the environmental nut jobs.

  5. david says

    I bought one day before yesterday (11/18/20) for $28 after watching this. They're now $49.87. For $28 it's not a bad little tablet, for $49.87 not so much. The Fire HD 8 will be for sale at around that price again soon.

  6. laf 0138 says

    Price is Jacked up to $59

  7. awesomeferret says

    Still have yet to see a cheap tablet that's more than half the speed of a 60 dollar used LG V20. 1440p IPS, 4 gigs of ram, etc etc, it still blows all cheap tablets out of the water as far as emulation goes.

  8. Zero Cool says

    This will do well in India ….

  9. Stephen Lawrence Mitchell says

    I bought one…$28 like you said and it's excellent. Very responsive.Good vid.

  10. Felix Garcia says

    Is $50 now

  11. Atonal Assassin TV says

    Already doubled in price with shipping lol.

  12. Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. says

    Rebranded Amazon 7 inch Fire Tablet!

  13. Fábio Rodrigues says

    well, sad I cannot find this deal at my walmart, at the store and internet walmart is selling for $49, and it has only been 2 days after this video 🙁

  14. Bobby Yates says

    $49.97 around here

  15. School for Hackers says

    But will it run Kali?

  16. Jesmin Pervin says

    The tablet is 50 dollars in my country. 🙁 But i am gonna buy it. 🙂 To see if its any good.

  17. Refugio Villegas III says

    I got the 8" for $18.30 at Walmart.

  18. John Ston says

    how well did it run surfing the internet?

  19. I am on Cloud 9 says

    $49.87 here not noise.

  20. Gabriel Herrera says

    It isn't on sale since yesterday 🙁

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