THIS GAME GIVES ME NIGHTMARES! | Sign of Silence (w/ Dashie, H2O Delirious, & Dead Squirrel)



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  1. CaRtOoNz says

    October 13, 2020

  2. Moop M00p says

    The jump scare made me flip my phone 180°

  3. Morghan says

    Talk about a slip tying head ache

  4. Achie says

    9:33 squirrel scared the living shitt outa me

  5. WOLF GANG says

    I love how cartoonz is a seagull and Delirious is a crow

  6. Jagger Gege says

    The birds and squirrels edits are making me laugh way to hard 😂😂😂😂

  7. _Kalfy says

    Bro among us rules made the whole gaming different.phasmodobia, this thing .Its just amazing how a not so developt game is a game change

  8. CaptToilet says

    I think he's blind

    Famous last words

  9. imSoBmore 410 says

    Didn't he already post this video?

  10. Jeremy Bennett says

    Rest in peace joel 💔🙏

  11. Daniel Miles says

    When playing games or watching horror movies I hate horror monsters, beings or whatever they are that you can't be them, hurt them, trap them or least escape with something to keep them occupied with.

  12. Kenny says

    17:20 holy shit that scared the shit out of me

  13. Kenny says

    12:01 LMAO

  14. Austin Murray says

    Dude the jumpscares are the best

  15. Brayden FARRELL says

    it's so funny when cartoonz screams LMAO

  16. Jarett Garay says

    Do you guys stream? I’d love to catch it sometime

  17. CG H says

    Hell to the naw. This is too scary for me.

  18. Judd Huerta says

    He got THAT WAP he got that WAP

  19. guy who rates comments says

    17:29 i actually jumped

  20. guy who rates comments says

    10:57 another thing cartoonz didnt notice, dead body.

  21. guy who rates comments says

    I swear cartoonz has the worst vision, he always looks someway and i either see an enemy or something extremely sus and he doesnt even tho he looked directly at it

  22. Jordan Root says

    Keep doing these 💯💯💯

  23. vJohno 97 says

    Dash be lookin like Jay Z😂😂

  24. LinkAlien says

    Dashie's character got those anime glasses

  25. uzane Mcpherson says

    SCP shy guy

  26. Swani says

    I subscribed because I love these collabs with dashie and the guys so much

  27. Theo Gustafsson says

    what was that "october 13, 2020" video about???

  28. black white says

    1:50 he looks and acts like the scp-096

  29. Milah S. says

    TOONZ!! I missed you lol

  30. Mr. Red Panda says

    Tough realizing its over seconds before it is 6:21

  31. Larry renz says

    12:46 that’s what happens when you fight a lumberjack lol

  32. WarNPeace says

    14:23 CaRtOoNz sounded like Courage the Cowardly Dog when he got scared.

  33. Logan Walker says

    17:20 scared the crap outta me lol

  34. OMG It's DP says

    ?DiD yAlL sEe OcToBeR I3, 2o2o tOo¿

  35. Mechelle Smith says

    I was laughing when toonz was like heyyyyyyyyyy XD

  36. General. Shinobi says

    Please do more of this lowkie love it

  37. Bobby Johnson says

    17:20 actually made me jump

  38. Rocco Soriano says

    Just me but does squirrel sound like the dude from Super bad. The bloke w the Mclovin fake ID

  39. UnknoZero says

    12:02 "I think he's blind" 😆

  40. RicriC INC. says

    “I think hes fi— AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!” 😂😂😂

  41. FreauxZone says

    Mr Neat

  42. Blake Anderson says

    I wish the battery was a condom 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Aurora says

    Lmaooo this game when you run and end up in worse place

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