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Flight Attendant slumber PARTY! This was one of the best sleepover / girls night! I’m so grateful that YouTube brought us together! We’re already planning another girls trip with more Flight Attendant YouTubers!!

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  1. Bridgett B. says

    I just used the Ordinary mask the first time the other night. I love it.

  2. Wendy Sobczyk says

    It’s 3 girls in a hotel room. Not 10,000 people at a Trump rally. Calm down people. I think they will know how to be safe. Just because you don’t agree with what they are doing doesn’t mean you should criticize them. Or scold them. We need some normalcy in this world right now. And I’m gonna go hang out with my girlfriends. Love ya Stella.

  3. Wendy Sobczyk says

    You should’ve taken the cap off the bottle lol

  4. Estella Oliva says

    Love you Girlys ☆♡ I love Allys PJs where can I find♡

  5. Sylvia A says

    What fun! I have curly and frizzy hair too. I use no 7 daily but with mine a little goes a long way!

  6. Shirley McLean says

    Three favs in one👍⭐️👏🏻😁🌸

  7. Noeris Gil says

    Stella, if you’re trying the CG method you should put on product with wet hair.

  8. Noeris Gil says

    I want in on this slumber party!!!

  9. PlutoS says

    and no difference at the end – that what i call cosmetics 😀

  10. Kathy Haag says

    I love you all, but I really think this trip was not safe. As I watch waiting for my test results, I have remained socially distancing from people and I see you all just have a grand time, makes me hope this sleepover doesn’t negatively impact anyone, but I hope you all remain safe and healthy.

  11. Christopher Jacob says

    wow my favorite F/A YouTubers!!!!!!!!!! Love you all girls. Jetter should join you all too!

  12. Shavon Harris says

    What polish are you wearing Stella?

  13. Ant Toronto says

    Stella, Maybe it’s time to address the comments.

  14. Allison B says

    Yeah, I'd like to echo a couple of the comments below. Who in the hell thinks it's a good idea for three people to travel from different cities to spend a night together in a hotel? With no mention of prior COVID tests or anything? It's like you're ignoring it. It's funny because you've never said that you're a Trump voter before so I did not expect COVID denial from you.

  15. Chatting with Chops says

    Be a palm tree. Its great to see you all together.

  16. Lauren Nyambura says

    Girl you need to wet it! A little spray bottle ,Some deep conditioner, and a daily hair moisturizer do wonders!

  17. MPakozdy-40 says

    This must have been so fun for you and your girls! Looks like you all had a blast 😊❤❤❤

  18. LolaGeek says

    Stella, I love your videos and your exuberant spirit, but at a time when people are making tough decisions about family and holidays, and watching loved ones get sick and pass away, I wish you'd use your platform to promote and normalize the responsible actions everyone should be taking to get things under control. The sooner we can control this virus, the sooner it will be safe for people to travel and for you and Kat to get back to work! Maybe next Girls' Night should be over Zoom…

  19. arista henriot says

    Such a laugh with all three of you together x

  20. Fitdadrob5 says

    Kat is hot. 😍😍

  21. Brianna Wing says

    I love your videos but this is in bad taste. Everyone is sacrificing for COVID but you have a sleep over in a hotel with friends like there isn’t a pandemic? Very unrelatable and sad to see. I get that it’s a sponsored vid, but I wouldn’t trust a hotel that is sponsoring a sleepover during Covid.

  22. Lailas Lyrics says

    I think with the olaplex thing, you have to pour it into your hands first and then go through in your hair? I think anyways lol

  23. Don Dash says

    I am sure there was no sleep until the wee hours. It was fun to watch.

  24. MizSazz says

    Put a cloth over the champagne bottle then twist it till it moves a bit then use both thumbs (onvthe outside of the cloth ) to push the cork off the cloth will contain it so it wont fly away

  25. Marosane Hutchinson says

    I agree on not brushing dry, curly hair. I also have naturally curly hair since a baby and that was the first thing my hairdresser told my mom – also don't use a bush, but rather a comb. It has made wonders to my hair. I still don't brush my hair when it is curly up until this day! Love you guys!

  26. Anu says

    Stella you should put a LIGHT layer of that face mask on, so it only gives you a little pink hue 😂😂🤩

  27. katstuck says

    This was so disappointing to see as covid has now killed a quarter million Americans

  28. Shamrock Girl says

    What's the chances that I watch all 3, & they're all together?

    Who had their YT channel 1st?

  29. Shamrock Girl says


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