Thousands line up in cars in Texas to receive food before Thanksgiving


Thousands of people lined up in their cars in Dallas on Saturday to receive food from the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday next week. CBS Dallas’ Ken Molestina reports.

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  1. Lemming Nation says

    We Texans voted for Donald Trump becoz he made this country Great Again!… Opps its my turn to get my foodstamps now. See you! MAGA!

  2. Lazar Kaganovich says

    Texas is so great. Keep believe in that lie. I bet you they will have money for another war lie.

  3. Renee Palmer says

    in times like this …………….WE can ALL COME TOGETHER !! this can anb may be everywhere in time !!
    and the DEMOCRATES HAVEN'T DONE as President Tump asked for several Month's .. " A STIMULUS… JUST FOR THE PEPOLE !
    nancy pelosi didn't care and still hasn't made a more to do A N Y T H I N G !! I Hope None of you Blame President Trump… he asked B U T
    Nancy Pelosi HOLD's THE PURSE STRINGS !! you ALL need to call, write your Democratic Party and Complain !!
    there is some sort of help coming…………. THE 2021 B U D G E T MUST BE SUBMITTED December 2020 ! and if they send and President Doesn't sign it……. goes right back to the H O U S E to re-work It… " I F " this doesn't PASS …….President Trump CAN lock – down
    the Government !! as he did last Year … and because Pelosi acted like a 80 Year Old Lunatic, SHE may REGRET Not Doing Right FOR the' PEOPLE….

  4. Ralph Bernhard says

    Meanwhile, Rudi Giuliani receives $ 20,000 a day for helping the "liar in chief" spin the truth….

  5. Saundra Coveal says

    It’s crazy to see that TX has such a great need, but the majority of them vote against helping themselves, and their fellow Americans 😢. What is that called?

  6. Sue Elias says

    25,000 people in need

  7. JokerBeWild says

    UN states 80 million will starve and die due to these lock downs…but nothing to see there

  8. HWLiberty says

    Hey Nancy Pelosi where is the second stimulus check for your #Plandemic #Scamdemic???

  9. Graciela Felix says

    I hope 🤞 Abbott see this. This a shameful for the fraudulent Governor Texas has right now. You see Abbott how your citizens going through. Shame

  10. Graciela Felix says

    Sorry Government is doing nothing for people so really bad is the situation right now, they took away the unemployment and the stimulus the government gave the money to the judges, the government leaders and the poor people they did not get anything. They just put a little money for millions without a Job. I hope the new leadership on the White House investigate Abbott.

  11. RXSTAR says

    Notice how there only showing black people. Because they’re gonna be the first to take the vaccine!

  12. RXSTAR says

    Capitalism has fallen

  13. know good says

    Look how the media just showed black people like it was no other race there for the free food. Didn't look like anyone in the comments noticed.

  14. jwes playin says

    This damn socialist country is failing!

    Oh wait this is peak capitalism.

  15. Ej Wooten says

    They’re all going to get culled.

  16. Gothic Queen says

    I wish California did that been starving for 2 weeks

  17. shizuo kanemoto says

    And . . . meanwhile . . .politicians getting nice salaries, bonuses and funds, private planes, body guards and everything paid from our taxes . . . Are we going in the way to Venezuela ? At least the lower level of american society will, like in this video. This is a premeditated move organized from a group of "special interests".

  18. Trang Parsons says

    Absolutely heartbreaking!

  19. Benjaman Davis says

    Judging by some of the cars that those people are driving, it makes you wonder if they really need that free food. I mean their showing up to a food drive giveaway driving vehlicles such as Dodge Challengers, along with 30k dollar plus SUVS. Are they really starving? Somethings not adding up.

  20. Jerry O'Connell says

    This is Braindead Biden's wet dream

  21. Hugh Hughes says

    In my opinion
    Hey dems
    Don't you think its time to take out giving our monies to the French in the stimulus bill.
    Just give the tax dollars back to
    its not him holding this up

  22. QuiveryTundra 72 says

    For some reason I feel like mrbeast had some sort of part in this giveaway

  23. Chris Lyons says

    When are we going to rise up ( together) and demand answers from this dysfunctional government of ours. This is the biggest transfer of wealth in world history! Enough is enough!

  24. Q V says

    To those who detest socialism, get out of line and go home. This line is not for you. God bless the poor and the weak not the mindless morons.

  25. TacoXL says

    This makes republicans happy. They think you should starve.

  26. Pacnor Media says

    This was nice to see.

  27. Ninja k says

    This is America.

  28. George Malley says

    Billions for War, Billions for Banks and Corporation Bailouts, Billions for Foreign Countries, Billions for Campaigns and Elections, but when people are jobless by no means of their own and starving…..well there's just no room in the budget.

  29. john john says

    I feel bad for the turkeys

  30. PerfectBlue says

    Yeah and driving in line a Cadillac Escalade‘s and Chevy Tahoe‘s. Very high valued cars and suvs. Where I live there are now hiring signs all over

  31. HybridFlu says

    Pick yourselves up by your bootstraps.

  32. William Bolton says

    They're against making America great again but they want free food and free handouts on everything, well the lefties are in charge now so you all freeloaders might as well not get used to this

  33. Rob Did says

    Trump gave 29 billion to rich socialist.
    Every u.s. person could of have heath care for 10 yrs. But no pad the rich bank accounts!

  34. ralph rogers says

    Don't eat it.

  35. Dora Williams says

    I can't believe this is happening in America, now Biden is president , it's going to get worse, people put up every dime, penny, we are becoming a third world country.

  36. American Patriot says

    If Biden gets in office we better get used to this. America is doomed.

  37. Brian Barber says

    Lined up?? The world needs a wake up call!

  38. Brian Barber says

    And the gas they wasted in their vehicles could have paid for their food and enough left over to give to the real poor 😒

  39. Felipe Mendez says

    This is just beautiful. I love it .bless all your and receiving.

  40. buff samurai fred says

    Thanks to the SCAMDEMIC and useless lockdowns

  41. nina nelson says

    I dont mean to be "that" person but i saw some very fancy expensive cars in this line.

  42. John D says

    I'm sorry, but none of these people look like they have ever missed a meal. Most look way past being obeast. Go to a Third World African nation and you will see hungry people.

  43. Incredible Painting says

    who stole american's small jobs ? Jeff bezos he sent all the opportunities to china to let Americans dried hungry and devoid and killing local job market , shifting america gdp to china

  44. Golden Girl says

    GOD is good!!!! 🙌

  45. Incredible Painting says

    what is wrong with the video why is it so blurry and dizzy

  46. Luis Garza says


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