Tom and Jerry Tales Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance cartoon video game


– In Tom and Jerry Tales, vast and colourful environments allow players to experience the struggle between cat and mouse fans have enjoyed for decades. The game features the classic high jinks of Tom and Jerry along with an original art style.

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  1. Hector p Alzona says

    Tom and Jerry Mouse

  2. Mr. Anonymous says

    Does anyone else come here to hear the theme song with out the cartoon sound effects?

  3. lungu marian says

    i love so much tom & jerry
    is a perfet duo

  4. FeisuYuki says

    i have an old tom and jerry game on gameboy its fun

  5. Sonia Guzman says

    @harrypottersucks12 really??? he said he has it, not owns it, stupid kid.

  6. AE86 of Mt. Akina says

    This sucks

  7. ValleyRiverBoss says

    @shahzamanstudio i you have the game, but its not yours, then you dont have it, how is it possible to have something unless it not yours unless u borowed it

  8. UUN4 says

    i have the tourital and knight costumes on this game

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