Top 10 Incredible Slow Ball Wickets in Cricket History- Total Deception


watch Top 10 incredible slow ball wickets in cricket history

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Top 10 Wickets on Slowest Balls in Cricket History ever | slowest ball in cricket history | slowest ball ever bowled in cricket history | world’s slowest ball in cricket

  1. Round The Wicket says

    Watch the updated version 2020 of this video here where your choices have been included. Please like comment and share it. Thanks . ❤️

  2. brother kash says

    Maximum by Pakistan

  3. Mystical Ashmit says

    Dj Bravo is the master of slow balls Yes=1 like

  4. Sandeep Kori says

    Bhai Jassi kiye nahi

  5. Muhammad Irfan says

    Dwayne Bravo is the master of slow ball

  6. Umesh Sagar says

    1:29 was so funny

  7. Muhammad Umair says

    Curtly Ambrose's slow ball to Ian Healy was the best one. Should have been here.

  8. Abhinandan Srivastava says

    Bravo is master of slower!!!


    Where is curtly Ambrose ?

  10. Bipin Jaiswal says

    Brett Lee slower ball was more faster than dj Bravo fastest ball 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. HyperGaming_GamersZone says

    Dwayne Brave takes the wicket of his own team mate in IPL

  12. Sagar Paul says

    Where is lord Rajat Bhatia 😂

  13. Shubham Bansal says


  14. Furquan Rashid says

    I think you miss one of the best slower ball in the history of cricket by curtly Ambrose against Australia.

  15. The JEE GEAR says

    *Le Lord Ashish Nehra :- Length ball hoti to jyada wicket milti 🙃🙃

  16. Josin Thomas says

    0:08 turn the subtitles on

  17. Ambar Yadav says

    Anrich nortje slower ball is 133 km

  18. Abhilash Nair says

    Venkatesh Prasad slower bowls were so well disguised that batsman couldn’t differentiate his pace bowl and the slower one. Batsman would be baffled if he actually generated some pace.

  19. noman faraz says

    Half are DJ Bravo

  20. Golden Star says

    real slow bowler DJ bravo and 2 and 8th the last one was fantastic.

  21. Golden Star says

    real slow bowler DJ bravo and 2 and 8th the last one was fantastic.

  22. obaid khan says

    admit the fact the slow bowl compilation is incomplete without malinga

  23. Pratyansh Singh says

    why is kkr on bravo's jersey in cpl?

  24. tanay gupta says

    bravo slower ones were op

  25. Baba Thanos says

    Penis ball?? 😂

  26. Doraemon and Perman Fan, Vivaan says

    The second one was really slow

  27. Lovely Boy says

    Eve lowest balls Ithe devilliers ke isuru udana asina ball pettaledhaaaaaa

  28. Ankit kshirsagar says

    Bumrah lbw to marsh aus tour was also fantastic

  29. Nisha Negi says

    Kabhi dale steyn ki slow ball dekhi h ?

  30. Harish R says

    Where is Malinga ? He should be 1st in the list..

  31. Damodhar naik says

    2.19 Anyone observed that Gayle has scored 107 for just 50balls..❤️

  32. Samarth says

    Where is steyn?

  33. Kants reddy Shashi reddy says

    Where is malinga

  34. reyansh mehra says

    Stan ke bhul gya

  35. Satyaranjan ruptakke says

    DJ Bravo is basically a long runup spin bowler.

  36. Syed Amaan says

    Bravo is no more bravo

  37. Sumanta Datta says

    0:13 see caption

  38. Bisnu giri says

    Bravo has the best slower

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