Top Android Apps! (July 2020)


10 Android Apps are seriously worth trying out!

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  1. Cristian Estrada says

    I'm looking for that app that prevents some app from rotating and others don't, any idea anyone? Thanks

  2. Frankie Barrios says

    Don’t think I’ve actually tried as many apps from these type of top app videos as I have with the ones you’ve shown here! Thanks mate!

  3. Technology Traveler says

    Very well explained and useful! Have always found your videos very inspiring to watch which has encouraged me to start my own channel where I review android apps I enjoy using as well!

  4. Siddhesh Date says

    It's just like the Beebom video i watched earlier XD

  5. Truman Adrian Lobato De Faria says

    Dolby on is the best. Period. 💕💖✌️Thanks for the vid 🙌

  6. DesertPunk says

    I love how you record in a wide aspect ratio to fit perfectly on larger android phones!!

  7. Alphacool7 says

    Put down your phone, shut up and exist

  8. Zakaria Mohammed says

    Going straight to the point of the video is amazing. I love it.

  9. Hương Thùy says

    Thank you for helpful video!!! :D, but how can I contact with you, I sent an email to you for 1 month and til now haven't received any reply email… :((

  10. Paneeth Krishna says

    Smash is same as "firefox send"

  11. Nicola Bezze says

    I suggest to you a INNOVATIVE FREE and REAL SERIOUS APP: USB Lockit! To password protect the USB Flash drive on Android. Available on Google Play.

  12. mike sara says

    Thanks but this video should have app movies like that TeaTV, VivaTV ….

  13. Jimmy leo says

    Pls review this app, it's the best

  14. Nirav Maniar says

    One of the most underrated channels!! Cheers!

  15. Koton Bads says

    I'm glad that Google collected my data since it recommended Bundled Notes when I'm scrolling lol

  16. Koton Bads says

    2:46 that's actually the right way to hold a phone nowadays

  17. Chieko FN says


  18. Sarthak Jain says

  19. Eftic Islam Mugdha says

    Sam Backman and How to men's apps videos are really dope!

  20. jmirandamartinez says

    Great videos!I noticed you have the big sur wallpaper. Is it possible to make it change color and dim depending on the hour as on a MacBook?Thanks and regards from Spain

  21. Petko Kirilov says

    so love your stache

  22. RM21_P1 says

    is there any app that can create custom widgets? like creating a widget for services of any app?

  23. Jay Smith says

    On the app smash does both parties have to have it in order for it to be used?

  24. Laddi Singh1 says

    First mkbhd and then Sam is using Apple's wall.

  25. Danie N says

    Using dolby on and truepicks since two weeks. They are very useful to me.

  26. Vishnu Safaya says


  27. Abhishek Pandey says

    Seriously though Sam your current look with that British moustache reminds me of those generals and viceroys we used to see in our history books from the time when our country was under Britain's colonization rule. I didn't know people still like that kind of look. 😂😂

  28. johnboy says

    I love that you used the pixel 4 in this video

  29. Steve Dewsnap says

    Join our Tech group on Facebook here is the link

  30. Mehedi Hassan says

    Thanks for discussing and reviewing the great apps in details.

  31. Bharat Sahu says

    Dammn your videos are captivating and visually pleasing!

  32. Masih Yadgari says

    Great job brah from Afghanistan

  33. Norman Renk says

    Hey Sam. How can one send you home screen setups :).

  34. Venka Dx says

    Upcoming developer : Google 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Nityanand Singh says

    Hey Sam, Is smash safe ? Cause I used a similar app called SendAnywhere extensively and recently found out that the app 17 trackers and 45 permissions using the Exodus Privacy app, while most apps have 2 to 3 trackers !?

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