1. Jeremy Boyle says

    Somebody should do a season mode for this game.

  2. ladawg81 says

    I have something like that on my cell phone

  3. jsutiger07 says

    i remember playing this on both consoles genesis and SNES I have to say that the SNES version is better. I remember throwing 70 or 80 yard bombs to the X receiver and scoring too. great game really great game

  4. MagmaMage says

    This was an excellent game, but the defences sucked bad, so all my games turned into high score shootouts….aahhhh, memories 🙂

  5. LegatoSkyheart says

    one of the Best SNES Title themes.

  6. cnote133 says

    one of the best games ever made

  7. Jeremy Boyle says

    This game owns even though im a niners fan.lol

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