Twelve of the best Final Fantasy music tracks


A personal selection of some of the best music tracks from the Final Fantasy series.

1) Final Fantasy VII Main Theme, This is sometimes listed as Cloud’s Theme.
2) Kids Run Through the City Corner. From Final Fantasy VI. This version is from the album Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale.
3) Final Fantasy. Sometimes known as the Final Fantasy opening theme or prologue. The version here is actually a vocal arrangement which appears on the Final Fantasy Vocal Collection CD, where it is listed as “Pray”. However, it is intended to represent the theme in general – I just thought people might be interested in hearing an unusual version.
4) Don’t Be Afraid. From Final Fantasy VIII. This version is taken from a CD called Final Fantasy Vol. 8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec.
5) Tina’s Theme. Also known as Terra’s Theme. From Final Fantasy VI. Taken from the album Final Fantasy VI Grand FInale, where it is listed as Opening Theme – Tina.
6) Fisherman’s Horizon. From Final Fantasy VIII. Taken from a CD called Final Fantasy Vol. 8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec.
7) Those Who Fight. Also known as Fighting or Let the Battles Begin! This is the main battle theme for Final Fantasy VII. The version here is taken from Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections. It was used in the Advent Children movie, but was first released some years before the movie came out.
8) One Winged Angel. From Final Fantasy VII. This version is from the Advent Children soundtrack.
9) Chocobo’s Theme. Taken from Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack, where it is listed as Chocobos of Pulse. This jazzy arrangement is my favourite version of the theme.
10) Zanarkand. From Final Fantasy X. This version is from Distant Worlds II: More Music From Final Fantasy.
11) Lightning’s Theme. From Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack.
12) Ending Theme (Final Fantasy VIII). Strictly speaking, this track is simply called “Ending Theme” but it doesn’t make much sense without the name of the game. It’s actually a 13 minute piece of music, which includes an orchestral arrangement of Eyes on Me, as well as the “Final Fantasy” theme. What I’ve included here is the final minute or so of the track. It’s on the official Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack collection.

  1. Michael Benti says

    Yes Final fantasy 3 america (forgot in JP what it was) Has some of the best mussic and artwork of all time. that game was amazing in all ways.

  2. Justforvisit says

    Good Lord, when I watched the DVD I NEVER realized how epic the One Winged Angel Renix is o_O

  3. Justforvisit says

    Nitpicking but 6) is Fisherman's Horizon. Not Garden. The Gardens are Balamb, Trabia and Galbadia Garden 😛

  4. Kujakuseki01 says

    Only one track from FF6 and 0 tracks from FF4, the FF games with the best soundtracks. This list is immediately flawed. Cheers.

  5. Ether says

    You should google oc remix final fantasy "Voices of the life stream" was an amazing album you'd probably like it.

  6. Ether says

    Alot of my favorites didn't even make it into this list.

  7. andreitate says

    i have love this :3 ♥

  8. M ALHA says

    I can't remove ff7 musics out of my memory

  9. Allen Goldstyn says

    Still think Dark Messenger is the greatest FF song of all time.

  10. Jorg Ancrath says

    But you;re not alone?

    I think that would top quite a few people's top ten final fantasy music list.

  11. Super Brain says

    I'm glad there's some appreciation for XIII cause I don't know why so many people hate it , but it's one of my favorites.

  12. MusiQuil says

    chocobos of pulse = MY FAVE!!

  13. MusiQuil says

    are these real sound tracks with cds? *Buys them ALL

  14. xXKittyLoverXx says

    I cried so often in FFX I think Back to Zanarkand is by far the best song in the series 🙂

  15. Palmer Eld says

    There certainly is a lot of good FF music I missed:)

  16. Sympliesque says

    Don't wanna be the one that says "you missed this one" but… You missed You're Not Alone – FF IX

    Also Tina's Theme = All FF music. Its like a hymn to a FF fan

  17. BCowsill86 says

    2:20 I didn't know Selena Gomez was in Final Fantasy 9.

  18. Jack Zii says

    before i listen to this, 12 songs in 12 minutes?i don't remember the ff songs being so short.

  19. askaflamininja says

    There's a reason FFVII got a movie.

  20. MrMochiman4 says

    why FFX for gameplay? i has the most annoying gameplay if you want everyone to stay evenly leveled….

  21. Eastarpy says

    I want it too!!

  22. jpyoshi says

    Awwww man that FFX track! FFXIII may not be the greatest FF game but it had really great music and a really good game world.

  23. Palmer Eld says

    It is taken from the album Final Fantasy VI Grand FInale, where it is listed as Opening Theme – Tina.

  24. vince tan says

    FFX has my favourite piece. To zanarkand. Story wise FF7, gameplay wise FF X

  25. Joseph Joestar says

    I love every FF game and music up to 13. Its a shame but i am a massive FF fan and 13 was the last straw for me. Bring back square!!!

  26. tatman Brown says

    I cnt find this version of tinas theme anywhere please wat is it

  27. Sebastian Rikk says

    FF7 is the best, FFX second and FFIV the third imo. But I like about all FF games. It is truly one of the absolute best game series ever!

  28. Autumn Shoars says

    To Zanarkand is the best song ever! And I prefer the straight piano version of Zanarkand… Sorry FFX is my fav! So all the songs from that game are the best lmao. Even though it's true 😉

  29. Palmer Eld says

    It's true that the images don't all match the song but that particular tune has been in most of the Final Fantasy games in some form, including IX.

  30. Arturo Martin Salgado says

    3º is from Final Fantasy VIII but you used images from IX 🙁

  31. Eastarpy says

    Top 3 FF in IMHO
    3. FFX
    2. FFVI
    1. FFT

  32. ThisisTyler00242 says

    i agree

  33. itsTitle says

    I like you already.

  34. Cole says

    to zanarkand <3
    it's best song of final fantasy history

  35. sm1lecuzucan says


  36. Bulba Saur says

    really? XII was composed by some company called See Music if I recall correctly

  37. Sergio P says

    actually after XII

  38. Warpali says

    I teared up when Lightning's Theme started playing

  39. Tord L says

    tina in japenese , terra for eu and us

  40. Thenumberonepie says

    This was much needed. Thanks.

  41. Bulba Saur says

    8 is my fav, mostly because of the love themed music, and FISHERMAN'S HORIZON!!! FORCE YOUR WAY!!!

  42. Bulba Saur says

    reason is, uematsu nobua left square after X, we need him

  43. saad2823 says


  44. Bob Barker says

    i love all final fantasy but my favorites are: ff III FF VII FF VIII FF IX and X ;3

  45. Vangardia says

    My version of one of the best Final Fantasy tracks ever.

  46. RZ9229 says

    not tina's theme. terra's theme. awesome songs

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