Twin Telepathy Milkshake Challenge | Food Challenge India | Hungry Birds


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Edited By=Saurabh Sawant
Directed By = Umesh,Sanket,Priti

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  1. Dipti kamble says

    Plzzzzz can u make your new channel like boys team and girls team but I didn't saying that this channel is not fair but this channel is fantastic ….

    Imagine that getting heart react from Hungry birds

  2. kinjal lifestyle says


  3. saniya Khan says
  4. Sonal Zala says

    I like your video

  5. Jitendra Adwani says

    I love hungry birds

  6. Fgfudgd Hvdf says

    Hungry birds Tum video Achcha Nahin banaa rahe ho ya😕😔👎

  7. Jitendra Adwani says

    Who is
    Girl like
    Boy comment

  8. kanhaiya lal yadav says

    Mene sorav ko dekh chuka hu

  9. cool brother Gaming says

    What's cooking

  10. cool brother Gaming says

    Hi guys app ko pata hai priti na naya channal kol liya

  11. SIM JAAT says
  12. Gayatri Patel says

    Sanket is very over smart

  13. Sudheendran TL says

    You also like?

  14. Arvind Soni says
  15. Sudheendran TL says

    l like Teplpathy Milkshake Challenge.

  16. Ranju Khadka says

    Priti said 5 million they're saying showing saurva😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. Minakshi Rathee says

    I imagine to get a heart 💓 from hungry birds please

  18. Sanjay Singh says

    What was your first video🤨

  19. Shashi Gupta says

    I need types of momos eaters please please please please

  20. Permashwari Devi says

    Who want to see shorab


  21. Manisha Deshmukh says


  22. Big Street Food says

    ♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍
    Anyone readings this comment please support us, thank you♥️✊

  23. Seema Sharma says

    please do guess the cold drink 2 challenge

  24. Poonam dabas says

    Hungry birds please your number
    My adki bout badi fan u ❤please number da diyjia whats app ka


    Please punishment wali video banaiye please please please please please please aap apne buddies ke liye itna to kar hi sakte hai please


    Please aap log punishment wali video bhi banaiye please please please please please please please
    Jis jis ko bhi punishment wali video chaiye like kare

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