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Hello friends today we are posting very interesting and funny video for you. Do like and share my video with your friends.

Background music by – YouTube library & Epidemic Sound

Cast -Sanskruti(Pari),Sanket ,Priti
Directed By – Priti Patil
Edited By – Amit Patil

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  1. jyothi boddapati says

    I like in school

  2. Raju Bhabhor says


  3. Kashika Garg says

    I like school

  4. Ram T Tiwari says

    Skyn offline offline

  5. Geethika Sure says

    I have 100 lingots I joined it 3 years ago

  6. Manoj Chandrasekhar says

    Nice job Pari

  7. Orisha Taslim says

    Eid mubark pari

  8. Orisha Taslim says

    very nice vddio💙💙💙💙

  9. Manish Mehta says

    I Love my school 🏫 and I love your all video

  10. Aradhya Rastogi says

    I love school classes

  11. Sahil Keswani says

    i like in school

  12. Alok Halder says

    I love my school and I want that my school start. I am missing my friend. I love offline classes

  13. Munira Electricwala says

    I love online classes 😌😌🙂🙂

  14. Sonam Pratima Mishra says

    I miss my school , friends and my teachers

  15. Maynagoel Goel says

    I love school not online class

  16. Heena Siddiqui says

    Me bohot baar dekhi hu aplog comment karne bolte hai hai or comment off rakhte

  17. ashwini dukale says

    Preeti or sanket Tum hungry birds me bhi ho na

  18. SA channel says

    Jiska online ka chal rahi hai niche like karo

  19. Sushant Kumar says

    Off online

  20. Shantilal Oswal says


  21. Kokane Aarya says

    I love offline classes 😃😃😃

  22. SA channel says

    School ki baat hi kuch alag hai or online classes me dost se mati bhi karne nahi milta kitna alag hai ne school or online classes

  23. SA channel says

    School ke Bharti Kuch Alag hai

  24. SA channel says

    Agar aap ko school or college ke yaad a rahi hai please comment like Karan please

  25. Rinkiy Tiger says

    Pari Nahin Nahin video banati Raho

  26. Lingam Savit Kumar says

    Online classes😀

  27. Anita Mukesh says

    Haaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so funny🤣🤣

  28. Rajkumar Chhapolika says

    I need part 2

  29. Sobiya Parween says

    I like offline classes

  30. harish mohan says

    Jolo chip challenge karo

  31. Yogita Nilesh Chorge says

    I like school i did not like on line

  32. Rajender Parsad says

    Please made part 2 of online classes please please please please please please please 💌❓


    Hi pari I am commenting first time

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