UK truck deaths: Police look to Vietnamese community for help | DW News


British police have backed away from initial reports that 39 people found dead in a truck three days ago were from China. They’re now struggling to identify the victims. There are indications some of them may be from Vietnam. Investigators say Vietnamese communities in Britain and elsewhere are providing information that could help.

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  1. Paige and Mia magic beauty girl says

    Im british and i was shocked when heard this case

  2. Edward White says

    The western media don't care about the deaths that much ,they only care the nationality of the deaths; if they are not Chinese ,then move on ,nothing happend

  3. Sherwin Celeste says

    How did they die? I have no clue.

  4. Khan, The Creator says

    The police kinda looks like 11 from stranger things

  5. Huz echoe says

    Dead trying to break the law. No to tears to shed.

  6. Sam Sou says

    Investigators would've immediately found out they were Vietnamese when they checked their phones. Don't trust her Majesty's coroner lol. What's wrong with a normal one? All the videos saying they're Vietnamese you can't even comment on.

  7. 邱偉立 says

    the truck… next time … make a new window at least…why not

  8. Tonkin De Piastre says

    Why are there so many Chinese nationalists in the comments section? I thought YouTube is banned in china

  9. Yuwen T says

    The West Day 1: hahaha!

    Later: Oh… you have my sympathy…

  10. Sheriff Donut says

    Bbc wail and mourn victims were not chinese bbc has also switch off comments truly and genuinely anti china racial hate campaigner ban bbc lousy arrogance anyway

  11. Aidan Tran says


  12. summer song says

    The time have progressed but the news reports have regressed ; it is too disappointing to report the news without correcting the rest and it seems that no one sympathizes with those died and is fully committed to politics.

  13. Skyboss006 says

    irish was going 2 eat the dead

  14. Skyboss006 says

    irish have blood

  15. Skyboss006 says

    ira charlie coming 4 ur land

  16. Asif Ifas says

    Follow up with mass deportation why are the worlds goal. They tell us were all evil and racist but will literally die to live with us.

  17. Hysen Yan says

    Pretty simple, find their cellphones, the lauguage cant tell lies.

  18. Arthur Heywood says

    They should be tried and sentenced in Vietnam

  19. YKH Lee says


  20. sun happy says

    Where is your face?

  21. Nathalie Salois says

    We need to know the truth.

  22. Micheal Yu says

    Western politian always criticize Chinese government, no human right, not a free country. So what, it's just a joke

  23. yagle hoole says

    What disgusts me the most in this tragedy is that the Western media were blatantly disappointed that the victims had turned out to be non-Chinese. How evil.

  24. The Welsh Dragon. says

    Shame on Western medias. May these poor souls rest in peace.

  25. Yifu Yang says

    Shameless and despicable western media, keep spreading distorted lies and fabricated news to your pathetic, brainwashed herds. You will drown in your self-righteousness one day.

  26. green lover says

    Is anywhere to donate to their families. Poor people need help.

  27. 打鸡血mk says

    ⋯ and no apologize to us. I was wondering why we Chinese need to migrate secretly⋯ They need to watch out what they say⋯

  28. S M says

    Disappointed they're not Chinese I guess?? Lol

  29. 中华大玩家 says

    Has the nationality of the victims really been investigated? Are they Korean or Japanese? Or North Koreans? Mongols? British police don't make jokes again?

  30. 邹仁华 says


  31. Gavin says

    If never confirmed, why said that they are Chinese? Can we have a more valid information from now on?

  32. 叶落归根异域游走 says

    several days ago, CNN reporter asked: why "Chinese citizens left China" in such a dangerous way when China had just celebrated PRC's 70th founding anniversary.

  33. Marie Lim says

    They are from China. .they are Vietnamese omg..check properly b4 you send out's world news do not simply think all are Chinese just bcos of the skin colours are the same.

  34. Louro Aloysius says

    if u see asian faces, call them Chinese?

  35. Be friend, My water says

    Don't blame the common people in the western countries, they have negative view of China only because they are brainwashed by their media with negative news of China and think China is still the old China 50 years ago.

  36. Be friend, My water says

    So far there are no Chinese families in China reported loss of contact with their relatives due to this accident. So I don't think any of them are Chinese.

  37. trấn tại says

    Vietnam best people in the world! All Vietnamese like UK, not Vietnam because UK life better more fun more benefits. If more easy visa to Vietnam so we don't go in trucks or boats. If driver not careful we die.

  38. Kiki T says

    The victims are Vietnamese not Chinese . Shame on BBC! Shame on CNN!

  39. Hound of Unknown says

    Some of them? Do you mean rest of them are Chinese or not? Speak it out clearly.

  40. 汪子盛 says

    Hypocritical and biased Western media and Anti China groups, when they first smell the taste of China, and then climax! Later, the truth came out, and they were silent, diluted, and even stopped updating their reports. At first, they stopped commenting on the climax video to avoid too many people knowing the truth.

  41. Franz Smith says

    Its like the Brexit, they do not know what they are doing. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah , but no.
    They say one and its not even close. Unprofessionalism big time.

  42. Sarah Hartley says

    What business do the Vietnamese have in trying to get to the UK? Their country is not at war, their economy is not in pieces, they are not short of food, water or medical care. What is it about the UK which makes people from any country in the world want to be here? Thank the Earth for the English channel. Otherwise this country would be ruined.

  43. Loken Zhang says

    I am wondering why people want to immigrant to UK?this country is nothing now

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