1. Beuken Phom says

    Ben Afra what a wasted talent he is…little bit of Discipline he would be among the best.

  2. Bongs Bongani says

    what was ibra doing here lol lol lol savage tackle 2:37

  3. Adi r says

    This is the most slickest video editing I have ever seen in football!!

  4. Manam Chadha says

    The intro of the video and goku ultra instinct music is one of my favourite musics

  5. bohay says


    I loro stati di salute
    rispettivi prevenirli❤️❤️

  6. Akhil Km says

    havnt seen a vedio like this in a while

  7. Abdo Emam says

    عايز تعرف ⚡مين بيدخل علي صفحتك وبيراقبك 👩‍❤️‍👩 اكتب في جوجل my20mal واختار اول موقع انا دخلت علي الموقع انا عرفت مين بيدخل صفحتي👀 بالوقت والتاريخ من موقع my20mal ابحث عنه في جوجل موقع موثوق✅ من جوجل نزل

  8. Lucas Mendes says

    O Messi e suas arrancadas

  9. Yaqub Hasnat says

    Lol 😂😂

  10. Justin Jose says

    1:46 I just saw a joga bonito add .

  11. hommani othmane says


  12. Haris Rashid says

    Messi and ronaldinio👌💓

  13. Blaxxating Tv says

    that ozil goal

  14. Oscar adolfo Poma lozao says

    Este video merese una segunda parte

  15. Aldrys Mendoza says

    soy el unico que habla español en esta pt caja de comentarios

  16. PT V says

    VietNam : Bản năng vô cực của bóng đá

  17. Judene Nwaojigba says

    I guess we all know Karius's Ultra Instincts :"D

  18. Reynaldo Anggara says

    ronaldo apaansih???

  19. Master Tanjir says

    Who is Dragon Ball here

  20. javier padilla padilla says

    mano pasame la musica esta chida porfa

  21. vkGaming7 says

    Vegeta joined the chat

  22. Mark Becerril says

    Maldita publicidad 😆😆😆

  23. FIGHTER CLUB says

    Like lo que aman el fútbol

  24. yash kapahi tJWlfitYBL says

    Neymar has most appearance in this video. King of Dribbling . Argue with the wall !!

  25. Oscar adolfo Poma lozao says

    No puedo dejar de ver este video👍

  26. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  27. Carlos Bonilla says


  28. Sahil Sagwan says

    4:52 messi

  29. Umar M says

    Ronaldo's super saiyan 2 in the intro is sooo litt 💥💥

  30. hama hama says

    whaaat who is that 6:14

  31. ciise cabduqadir salxo says

    2:37 zlatan things.🔥😂

  32. Matias Quintana says

    Me encanto el video

  33. Drini Gjonaj says

    Hahaha funny but ultra instinct not real pea brain idiot

  34. Phượng Ớt says


  35. Anas Mdn says

    Son Goku
    Son Gohan
    Son Messi

  36. Asheley Jean says

    I fils ly to play in basa

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