Video Game Easter Eggs #32 (Among Us, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Watch Dogs 2 & More)


In todays episode of video game Easter eggs we get attacked by a mutant teddy from outer space in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, we make some very spooky discoveries in Watch Dogs 2 and we finally find out why the chicken crossed the road in Pipe BMX.

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call of duty warzone among us gameplay

  1. RiOtBiRd T_T says

    Here is an famous easter egg,in cod waw (world at war) in the second mission "little resistance" the player starts going to the battlezone,when their vehicle aas destroyed the player must send an airstrike.when they move to the beach there will be three muddy puddles if you stand in all three puddles for loke 5 seconds and wait the screen starts shaking and someone starts talking as dog statues rise on the ground,if you get close to the dog statues the player can get free OP japanese raygun.

  2. M1ght3 Gaming says

    Technically the among us easter eggs aren't easter eggs seeing as its made by the same people

  3. I know that you are "defend the house"

  4. Yuan Yuan says

    Well the Jarate (TF2)also appeared on the vending machine in Among Us

  5. Shaikh Irfan Ali says

    Man 9831 is my phone password how'd the call of duty Dev's know

  6. Hudson Marshall says

    Dude you could make a really long video out of just references to other things in the Henry stickmen games

  7. Cave in says

    Hey captain i found this easter egg i hope u can use for your next easter egg video in cod mw2 campaign remastered this ones an alternate ending what u have to do is use the danger close cheat then choose the final mission then i believe kill the 2 heli survivors then figure it out for urself

  8. Dead Inside says

    Am I the only who said “Samantha???” At 6:10

  9. The wolf’s den says

    for the girl laughing its from the forest i think

  10. Vivid Fawn says

    Reach out and touch faith

  11. CEF gaming says

    This sounds like jackfrags

  12. Bots Your a Bot says

    The creepy laugh was apparently only found after the Aidan pierce mission symbolising aidens daughters death

  13. Carlos Rocabo says

    CoD and watchdog's laughter might be the same

    I mean the children

  14. SwagAssassin023 says

    I think the laugh might be Lena from watch dogs

  15. Vicky Gardiner says

    There's a very rare oddity when scanning your card. When you scan your card (it's unknown how rare) the picture would only show the feet upside down. (among us)

  16. Lauryn Pyke says

    Btw on the among us task where u use the ID card you can scan it I don’t k ow if it’s a reference but u can scan it on ur phone

  17. Robert Wright says

    sees among us me oh hell yea

  18. the kid from 2020 says

    Subscribe to the kid from 2020

  19. The Producer says

    The little girl laughing around 8:20 to 8:40 is actually the daughter of the main protagonists that died in watch dogs 1

  20. I Raul says

    everybody gangsta till the zodiac killer copyrights watch dogs 2

  21. DarkNinjaStars 1 says

    Oooo an apocaliptic tedy bear

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