Warner Bros. Family Entertainment (2004)


From the educational Looney Tunes short “Daffy Duck for President” (2004).

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FUN FACT: This short was originally going to be released theatrically worldwide, but the plans were cancelled because of the financial failure of 2003’s “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”. Although, the short can be seen as a bonus feature on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2 DVD.

  1. Derek Keane says

    From !Mucha Lucha! Special Rikochet Goes Hollywood 2003

  2. Alex A. Studios says

    Ahhh do they still have the Animaniacs theme for this?

  3. ashraf alimansour says

    Shark tale

  4. Jackie Gonzalez says

    This logo was also seen in many kids wb animated series from 2002-2006.

  5. Elias Flinter says

    Firehouse Tales brought me here…

  6. Pajajazz Inchickoy says

    in end

  7. IceCrusher18 Entertainment says

    Those are the facts!

  8. Ivan OfTheLogos says

    Lost Looney Tunes Short 2004.

  9. sexy turtle says

    seen in Johnny test season 1

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