We had ALBANIA'S GREATEST Food Experience! INSANE Slow Food, Farm to Table at Mrizi i Zanave, Lezhë!


We had ALBANIA’S GREATEST Food Experience! INSANE Slow Food, Farm to Table at Mrizi i Zanave, Lezhë!

Thanks to Mrizi i Zanave for having us and showing us around your grounds!! We love to see sustainable farming that helps the local villages!

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  1. peoplebrotherhood says

    is there any Albanian who can explain to me if all that food is part of the Albanian tradition. I am amazed that it is very similar to Italian traditions, I have seen some pasta, I have seen fried zucchini flowers, salami, a ham similar to Guanciale o Speck and brie which is French. I wanted to discover something authentic Albanian.

  2. edem edem says

    Great job love your video , been there loved it, everything you eat there, test better, and have that strong flavor already missed it.

  3. Mr Berisha says

    Wow nice place and meat room is amazing yummy..

  4. o o f f says

    I’m from lezhë, glad you visited it, you should also go to mirdita which is next to lezhë

  5. Safete Shpendi says

    But it is ok

  6. Safete Shpendi says

    Hell nah you didn't pronounce it right

  7. Sheela Narayanan says

    I am so glad you have posted these videos! I'm excited as I'll be visiting Albania in November for about a week. It is one country that US travellers can go more easily, without requiring COVID testing or quarantine. I'd love to know more – how is the weather? The language? Most important can you get iced coffee here or make it =) Coffee is life! So sorry for all of the questions. I'm just so glad to see this, from people who are in Albania right now.

  8. Syla Syl says

    Love you guys

  9. Jetmira Krasniqi says

    Please explore shkodra it’s a beautiful city

  10. bashkevuajtesja juaj says

    Hahaha i love seeing foreigners try byrek for the first time.It is such a delicious dish and u can make it with so many things.Im glad u like the food here.

  11. blue beach says

    I told you guys that please is amazing , enjoy ✌️

  12. Gucci Gucci says

    I wish we had something like that here in uk East Sussex

  13. michael lazzarini says

    Uhmm foi gras

  14. Adi Metohu says

    Sa zhurem bejn shqiptaret ne restorant 😂

  15. michael naluz says

    That made me so hungry. 5 star food served at its best.

  16. Junior Mendes says

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  17. An L says

    I'd go for the lamb, or baby goat, Maybe some fresh duck. Next place don't fill up on the appetizers

  18. Gio Piner says

    Only in Albania you can have food and drinks review before you eat nowhere else in the world

  19. Ty Ghrt says

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ YouTube Vid

  20. Big Street Food says

    🍿Thank you so much this is nice 👍
    📺 Anyone readings this comment please support us thank you 🙏..!

  21. Herbi Shtini says

    You guys are super cool! Cheers!

  22. Linda Faber says

    I really really enjoyed all the food vlogs guys, such a cuisines. Love cheese and wines, oh those gallons of Pure virgin oil😋 making me hungry 😋nam nam😋Just take of each other🙏

  23. E. Idrizi says

    You guys have become my favourite youtube channel in a very short time. Your Albania series is too entertaining!

  24. Albania says

    Matt and Molly I'm glad you went to Mrizi I zanave it's the best in Albania very traditional old school Albanian food I'm glad you enjoyed I just feel bit bad for you it's raining. I guess just a bad day usually weather is beautiful and sunny till December. Your a 😎😎🇬🇧couple. Respect 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  25. Vjollca Haradinaj says

    Usually I don't share things….I just did it on my facebook and my first destination will bi Mrizi I Zanave…. Awsome 🙌 Great job!

  26. Gentian Mustafa says

    thank you guys nice video
    love from chicago

  27. Newyork Newyork says

    Your are beautiful person , thanks bro for only beautiful video , and thanks for you visiting albenien … thanks thanks thanks 🇦🇱😘😘👫

  28. Ledi Le says

    I can’t sleep without your video ☺️
    I’m glad you feel good to my country

  29. Seminari says


  30. Craig Harris says

    Food reviewers watch out. Love you two. That was such a great watch. Matt "I'm not a wine lover but" anything alcoholic eh!! Haha. I'm bloody starving now. Thanks!! 👏

  31. marino leskaj says

    u must do food video,look good on u guys, oh if u have a boy try to name him Albani and id is a Girl Albana, it,s a Joke, love u video/s as all way,s

  32. RAYMON ORTIZ says

    Wow! What an experience! I'll gladly blow off my diet for that kind of dining fun. Lol! 👍😎

  33. danny stopmotion tuteleers says

    I was there one year ago. Great place with great food for a very smooth price. It's so a pitty we can't travel for the moment, these people deserve all the support they can get.

  34. Ken Piras Kriezis Spatas says

    Does this word remind you of a famus word? Mrizi (ZANAVE) plural.
    Bi (ZAN)singular. TI NE.

  35. AL KONYKON says

    J U S T L A N D E D I N 🇦🇱 ®️

  36. Ty Ghrt says

    🌈 Fantastic video thank you 👍🏼

  37. E. man says

    That was nice, you guys did a good job.

  38. Brandon Brewer says

    Darn looks like you guys have moved to Albania permanently. Looks like such an amazing country.

  39. Albert Kastrioti says

    Where about is this farm and restaurant please ?

  40. altigjoni says

    The whole place is Amazing

  41. ari Karakushi says

    Mrizi zanave the best there is 🇦🇱👐🇦🇱

  42. Dimphina Pereira says

    I have lived n worked in Berat Albania in 2011 that's d reason I know Albania n love Albania 🇦🇱 🇦🇱🇦🇱

  43. Anton Kala says

    You are eating the best food in the planet which make you stay more there and if was no virus now I was going to fly and be there too for a week starting in saranda.vlora.berat.pogradec.struga. dajt. kruja.lezhe.shkodra and areas around them in the coast

  44. Anton Kala says

    Now your are eating.drinking right food which is real.not like dog food in the far west from England to Canada and USA which even dogs can not eat in Albania because they may die

  45. Dimphina Pereira says

    The meats in Albania are too good👍👍

  46. Dimphina Pereira says

    I love the Albanian food burek ,eggplant n filled zucchini ❤️

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