We Score Over 120 Points in 2 GAMES l NCAA Football 14 Road To Glory QB Ep. 30


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  1. D.C. Mattson says

    You've got to get Stovall on the Jets Crowe!

  2. SpicySneker says

    Just moved off Ball States campus

  3. Dionisio Harper says

    Gotta nerf him just a little, but one thing you can’t really knock is physical traits like speed. Everyone is faster in the NFL but that never stopped Lamar, give the man a solid 95ish speed minimum!

  4. Presten Villwock says

    You gotta put my mans Stovall in the madden draft class w/ bobby

  5. Presten Villwock says

    You gotta comeback for senior year if u don’t win heismam and natty

  6. Richard Smiley says

    I think Bobby should either be drafted by you as a running back or drafted by another team as a quarterback. I think it’s time you go after a qb with some pocket presence and an accurate/powerful arm


    Bobby Wall = Lamar Jackson 2.0

  8. Wee Ot says

    Play ncaa 11 or ncaa 12 because you can import your rtg player into madden

  9. Chandler Brown says

    It would be really cool if you added some of Bobby’s teammates in the later rounds of the Jets franchise

  10. Skylar Mcclure says

    Should’ve been a running back RTG

  11. ImThe GOAT says

    When Bobby go to the NFL you should lower all his throwing stats by 15 and his non throwing stats by 10

  12. Noah Stone says

    Wall is an nfl rb not a qb

  13. SuperGravyMan says

    Are any of the other guys from this going to the Jets series as well? Could be fun to see Niro or Ethan in there somewhere

  14. Bryce Lo says

    Put Daniel Monroe to

  15. Ethan Barkat says

    Bring Back Jamal Whitefield

  16. T DaGeneral says

    Crowe u should draft ur tight end in the Jets Franchise too since Bobby wall loves him so much😭💯💯

  17. Prince Davis says

    You have to make Bobby taller there is no reason he is 5 9 in nfl that could be a storyline but idk it could be bad

  18. Agent Bebot says

    Bobby maybe could become a HB in the NFL? Like Denard Robinson did back in the day

  19. Kel 1k says

    Put him at rb in madden please make a story line where he puts on weight 😂

  20. Inari Hoshi says

    Crowe a cool storyline would be something like Lamar Jackson's story in that scouts and everyone are telling him to be a running back or wide receiver but a little bit harsher. The scouts and everyone would dock him for not throwing the ball with people wide open down the field and deciding to run almost all the time. Because of this they almost practically ignore the good passes he does make. The scouts and reporters would then say that there is no point to draft him as a running back and that teams would be idiots to do so. Almost all of the teams in the NFL listen to them except the most desprate team for change, whoever drafts him (hopefully the Jets for the sake of your next series). Because of this for the first 2 games Bobby has to throw for 200+ yards, 3 TDs, and only 1 interception total in both games to quiet the haters and show that he can throw the ball.

  21. GreenZone says

    Is your jets franchise gunna be where you start 10 years into the future. 👍👍👍

  22. hello there says

    Will the jets one about Bobby or the team and Bobby

  23. Gael Flores says

    make a new rebuild and put bobby in the draft

  24. Blake Boehman says

    My dad played at ball state so don’t kill them to bad

  25. Bacon Boy76 says

    I'm sad I didnt hear ur intro name this time

  26. High Archbishop of Tea Tasting says

    Can't wait for crowe to put bobby in the nfl it's gonna be awesome

  27. Glacier ! says

    Yess i love this series!!

  28. Cole says

    excited to see bobby play in the nfl, even tho crowe will probably throw 20 picks a season 😭

  29. prod. pinhead says

    oh hi crowe

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