When Computers Changed the World from the Revolution Exhibition


“When Computers Changed the World” is just one of more than 100 videos in the Computer History Museum’s new exhibition: “Revolution: the First 2000 Years of Computing.” In the span of a single lifetime, computers have gone from large, incredibly expensive and rare devices to small, low-cost, ubiquitous tools that we can’t imagine living without. Yet, few people know the history of how this came to be.

Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing is a rich, multimedia exhibition that traces the history of modern computing. It begins with ancient efforts to make math easier and extends through to the modern marvels of hand-held devices and the Web. Revolution tells the stories of computing history in 19 galleries. Each gallery is a themed mini-exhibition that covers a particular aspect of the evolution of computing. Within each gallery is an icon—a distinguished artifact that represents and introduces the topic.

In all, more than 1,100 objects, some rare and one-of-a-kind, are displayed. Revolution immerses visitors in the sights and sounds of the computer revolution through vivid graphics, hands-on displays, period settings, machine demonstrations, and more than 100 video, audio, and touch-screen stations.

See the Revolution Exhibition at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, California. Visitor information can be found at www.computerhistory.org/visit or on Facebook at facebook.com/ComputerHistory and on Twitter @computerhistory. Or visit Revolution Online at www.computerhistory.org/revolution

  1. Brooke Devonshire says


  2. Kevin Michael Kappler says

    Will we remain Human when computers do everything for us including jobs? I love computers. I hold a degree n them..However, let's balance our world and keep people, well, peopl?

  3. Kaiser Raka says

    I think this video is very good and be a role model for future generations of kids by now, after I saw this video to my knowledge a few began to rise.

  4. Daniele Ferrante says

    Zuckerberg is not a genius, is a devil. Is the reason why computer will become an enemy. Anyway I didn't like much this video, too much rethorical.

  5. Mikoy Thugs Channel says

    can anyone tell me how to download this video..? tnx

  6. ashish2199 says

    can anyone tell me more such channels like this one ?

  7. uknwho says

    totally agree with you bro, .. good point

  8. uknwho says

    Well Facebook did play a big role in constructing the Arab Springs and other Civil Movements around the world. You should do some research bro. just saying.

  9. grumpycarlsworld says

    at 1:08 she says "computers are just machines that need to be told what to do by humans."

    A point many miss is that one computer can have one person telling it what to do once, maybe a 2 hour programming session, then that computer can be linked up to robotics and run itself for weeks doing the work that 20 people used to do.
    Nowhere near as many new jobs being created to run and maintain them as they take away from the manual workers. They're killing industry.

  10. Master T Roz Challen says

    Shoutout to the FB Czar…Mark Zucherberg. You zuck!!

  11. AeroElement says

    Amazing how far we as human beings have evolved with technology 🙂

  12. gingersleep says

    All Zuckerberg did was steal a bunch of ideas, combine them into one idea, introduce that idea to university students, then realized he could make a shit-ton of money by expanding and selling out. And all he did for computing was make advertising and commercials more common on the internet, made people question the security of the internet and made a product that was very bland, corporate-looking and lacking in the individuality department. He pretty much made the internet more like television.

  13. Mike Anthony says

    I feel they should have put Dennis Ritchie in place of Zuckerberg, but that aside, great video! It really is incredible just how far we've gotten in only a century's time.

  14. PeeteyP says

    at 1:08 she says "computers are just machines that eed to be told what to do by humans." Remember also that humans are just machines that need to be told what to do by computers.

  15. Gerjaison says

    @moveaxebx – I speculate there's one thing Zuckerberg did that deserves his baby face in this video. Donated some (maybe alot of) money to Computer History Museum.

  16. Gerjaison says

    Sorry i like the video but Mark Zuckerburg is a genius? A bit degrading for Alan Turing and others.

  17. shadowgoat says

    @moveaxebx all im saying is it doesnt matter. they are not going to put 500 people in a 4 minute video.

    how is my pov of stallman childish? if someones a jerk to you, and thinks hes better than you. wouldn't you think poorly of that person? stop whining.

  18. TheDarkFalcon says

    @espinetmatt I hear about pop stars all the time as well, doesnt mean that they are important.

  19. shaurz says

    @espinetmatt But Facebook did nothing for computing, there were plenty of social network sites before it.

  20. shadowgoat says

    @shaurz software is nothing without the computer. the computer is nothing without software. i'm pretty sure you hear of facebook where ever you go.

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