Wisconsin Doctors Warn Trump Rallies ‘Endanger Public Health’ Ahead Of The President’s Visit


After a week of record-breaking Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in Wisconsin, President Trump visited the state for a rally with thousands of maskless supporters. More than 850,000 Wisconsin voters have already cast their ballots.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Wisconsin Doctors Warn Trump Rallies ‘Endanger Public Health’ Ahead Of The President’s Visit

  1. KAH Z says

    There NOT Rallies they're riots so it's OK.

  2. Linda Jacobs says


  3. Amy The 4 says


  4. Andrew W says

    1:29 that’s not crowd surfing that’s called fishing for covid

  5. Ingrid Arlington says

    Biden and Harris Administration have tested POSITIVE for Covid. Have they talked about that yet? Humm.

  6. James Hall says

    I guess you could say that trumps popularity is infectious.

  7. Mr. Miyagi says

    Whatever's. Silent when it comes to protests. That gave diaper is useless

  8. Emma Peel says

    I thought I just heard on the news that WI just opened up their bars and restaurants. Everything changes from one day to the next. Make up your minds!! Open..close…open…close….OPEN!

  9. rdizzo1313 says

    Trump is down in the Polls huh?

    Nice try…🤣🤣🤣

  10. Shadoe Shift says

    Him:“I have a mask, I might put iron if I sit down next to somebody, but I’m healthy.”
    Me: Not for long buddy boy😔😳💁🏻

  11. Jason Smiley says

    Haha funny no mention of the huge womens rights rallies held in NYC, LA & DC today, where there was very little masks or social distancing. Not that its not obvious but at this point the Msm is just PR for the Demonrats

  12. Dallas Time Bandits says

    Crowd 🏄‍♀️ surfing at trump rally🤟

  13. Appalachian Fire says

    Wisconsin doctors are idiots.

  14. matt c says

    How about those protest that happened in Wisconsin those weren't super spreaders? Im done with the hypocrisy

  15. Cee Cee says


  16. Cee Cee says


  17. Brandon Kaercher says

    The governor could've said no rallies the virus is out of control here.

  18. Thirsty 4more says

    Looks fun

  19. Nalita Cloud9 says

    Those rallys are breath taking……….literally 😷🤒🚑🏥

  20. Sharon Walberg says

    The point is,Dr. Fauci said no large crowds are the numbers will go up. This is what happened. The hospitals are being overrun and patients turned away. So sad!

  21. Red Diamond says

    Most of them had fatal injuries too from a car wreck, or died in 2018.

  22. Nathan Glass says

    That's so unusual…Trump doing something stupid

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