Wizard101 Visionary (130) Ice PvP: SURVIVING BY ONE HEALTH!


This is by far the CRAZIEST thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. WE OUT HERE SURVIVING BY LITERALLY ONE HP!

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  1. AwesomeTheSauce says

    I've been clutching up TOO MUCH recently y'all rofl. ENJOY 😀

  2. Joker Gaming says

    Lmao I would have uninstalled if I was the fire.

  3. Xavian Clay says

    You duel against this girl like every week Lol

  4. Itz Nick 108 says

    All these clutch matches are leading up to something big soon👀

  5. Parker Notman says

    How can you dislike this crazy ass vid

  6. Carteir says

    Sauce: "BOP" polar storm: "0"

  7. Dtboss Rocks says

    Anyone else think he’s calculating the damage to make this happen?

  8. Official Whale says

    plot armor

  9. Gian Najarro says

    It has happened before bro remember when that ice wizard hit you doing exactly the amount of health you have and it showed 0 health and the turn started and gave you 1 health back XD

  10. Deandre Simon says

    Can't wait for the stream 🥺

  11. Dakotah Weber says

    I love you sauce

  12. chase parker says

    Seeing this live was crazy

  13. Jeremiah Patrick says

    Sauces ice is just diff🥶

  14. Sephirrot100 says

    RNG Jesus was alive this moment

  15. I'm JustJai says


  16. Ryol Elric says

    Yo i love your videos ♥️

  17. Kaden Bruha says

    Sauce this has happened before you survived one one hp back when sinbad was in pvp and you clutched it I don’t remember the video title but I know you have done this before

  18. Rimzy says

    First 3 hp then 1?? Bruh i crit 2/10 times with 85 crit

  19. Henry Skehan says

    3 yesterday, one today. damn thats lucky

  20. Tadeh Amirkhanian says

    0:28 nah bruh you deserved it! Some people got the sauce and some don’t!

  21. WhiteDragon says

    I need for membership pls in my country we don’t have PayPal that’s why I can’t pay to get membership pls help me guys to get one

  22. ZackTheMuffinMan says


  23. Joshua Hardy says

    Istg sauce is funny

  24. Ryn FNM says

    They need a badge for this

  25. no one is safe says

    Damn my man won on 3 health last time and this time on 1 , 0 health clutch???? Jk

  26. RemovedRat says

    sauce at the start of every video : this has NEVER happened to me before

  27. Daequan Please says

    Where's the stream at? I'm waiting

  28. Robert Smith says

    Awesome bro 😀

  29. Kermit On Cocaine says

    big daddy sauce with the clutches

  30. Luminine says


  31. adaby says

    Damn seconds late

  32. PipConserve says

    We Support The Sauce‼️
    We Out Here‼️
    We Drop Them Likes‼️

  33. Court Wagner says


  34. tonyizverywavy says

    I agree.

  35. Isauro Reyes says

    The clutch tho, I bet that mans is FURIOUS

  36. im isaiah says

    some of y’all are TOO early😭

  37. Bob Sandru says


  38. Kaden Dunn says

    I love you soooo much keep up the good work buddy

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