Woman Calls Police On Black Father At Youth Soccer Game | NBC Nightly News


A field marshal at the game called the police after a father yelled instructions at his son during the match. The soccer league says she was doing her job but the father says he’s the latest example of police being called on African-Americans for the mundane.
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Woman Calls Police On Black Father At Youth Soccer Game | NBC Nightly News

  1. Celia Rollo says

    Shame liar

  2. Alan W says

    I'm the real victim here bc I keep having to hear about bogus 911 calls to police involving racism and forced constantly by curiosity to watch these on YouTube! I want justice served for this abuse against me!

  3. jonescrusher1 says

    Extra credit for misappropriation of the term 'field marshal'

  4. M M says

    Soccer people are all crazy anyways. Youth sport should be played officiated and watched by kid adult are stupid and should stay home

  5. Willy Smith pace says

    And this lier god judge s. All and one day you Will anserw for the wrong that you do

  6. TheAlmightyGreat BMack says

    She's a fat pig on her period so she called the cops. It made her feel good about being useless/

  7. Jocelyn Adams says

    the C.A.R.E.N act need to be put all over

  8. Rochelle Banks says

    Of course a racist will literally say “I’m not racist”

  9. a̶Ł̶ø̶N̶ε̶_̶ά̶N̶g̶є̶Ł̶_̶1̶1̶9̶ says

    1:08 "abSoLUtleY FALse AnD HeARtBrEaKInG."
    Me: BIsH

  10. tucko11 says

    So some white women date a black man and some white women call the cops on a black man , I don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

  11. Aiden personal says

    Karen's are wack

  12. rene bauer says

    and all These racist People searching for a jop haha

  13. JIB23 says

    Only cause there is a camera is there anyway the accused can show innocence. If it were his word against my word we know who would lose. Thanks to God for the cameras showing the facts and the whole truth.

  14. Dingus TM says

    I really find the term African American annoying. Not all blacks are from Africa and technically we all originate from South Africa historically. Unless you're an African immigrant in the USA you're just black.

  15. zaandamdog says

    why in 2020 is not a law for people like Karen Becky and Chad who called cops over nothing

  16. kimmy cuthbert says

    Lady you are a racist. Don't be saying that you're not and that your heart is breaking. Your heart is breaking because you got fired from your job for stopping the man from entering his own apartment.

  17. Joyce Mendez says

    The worst is racist that dont know they are racist. Mind your own business. You are not getting paid to call police for stupidity. So unless you are in danger then thats what 911 is called for…. Emergencies not stupidities, the only thing you are doing is putting blacks in danger.

  18. Liverpool Jones says

    It's all trash it's a feeling of entitlement these so call cop callers have they need to go get a life

  19. B -Rod says

    I don’t know about this was she said parents need to be removed I don’t think she singled him out

  20. D. Pinkston says

    unconscious bias can be more powerful than intentional malice.

  21. Playboi Smoovz says

    Karen has that racist looking chin they all have

  22. S R says

    How is a film a incomplete narrative …

  23. Mrs.Peanut Jones says

    1:03 She need to worry about losing weight to get her neck back instead of being noisy 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. Kyshawn Smith says

    This should be a law for false report on African American. If they are breaking a crime.

  25. Sheri says

    What did the man do? As usual, nothing.

  26. Ann Flynn says

    She is a racist and of course she’s won’t admi5 it

  27. Ken4JCML says

    Some ppl seems just amazingly stupid enough .. they can't even honestly analyze their own racist actions and motives.
    Some are just plain liers, ik.

  28. Rusty Rogers says

    Old trump got'em on their toes

  29. Junkman2000 says

    Why are all these ho's fat and unattractive? They look like clown mirror rejects.

  30. Nathan Cornell says

    This would never happen in India

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