The lotus launched better than the rest when you look at it at 2:14


    What is the name of the last music with the standing quarter mile ratings?

  3. Riyad Yusifov says

    Winner: Nissan GT-R

  4. Marco Higuera says

    468 el mejor en México

  5. Frustrate says

    Bruh a drone would be more than enough and so much cheaper instead of getting a choppa

  6. Italiener Aus Italien says

    Ferrari best cars

  7. Haoze Lawrence CHEN says

    If the Agera was here it would’ve knocked the gtr right off his throne heh heh

  8. Ian Rodriguez says

    2020 almost in August and this is the best race they have ever done.

  9. Naufal Qisthy says

    I like mercedes benz slr

  10. elr456 says

    In hindsight, LOOK HOW GOOD WE HAD IT😭😭😭💔💔💔In one race we got the LFA V10, the R8 V10, the 6.3L AMG V8, Ferrari 4.5L V8 , 4.0L flat 6 from the GT3, 5.0 Coyote, and the LS7. A collection of some of the greatest engines of all time for us to see.

  11. milman mii89 says

    The origin…..

  12. mihkrank says

    I remember when Nissan release R35 back in the days, Nissan still declare R35 is a "Sport car" instead of "Super car"Japanese humble has no limit LOL

  13. Databunbun says

    HolaI've a small educational channel and it would be insanely nice from you if you can join my channel❤️

  14. Diamond Tran says

    Love the V10 engine of the Lexus and the Audi! 😂😀😁

  15. Diamond Tran says

    And also The Lexus LFA sounds the best

  16. Diamond Tran says

    Lexus LFA is my favourite car in this drag race

  17. Geraldo Desmond says

    Who's watching at 2020?

  18. AJ Ben says

    Paul walker👍

  19. Namita Subedi says

    Where is the supra?

  20. Rizal Kendari835 says


  21. 速杉ハヤト says

    2:095 4 3 2 1 go

  22. 速杉ハヤト says

    2:105 4 3 2 1 go

  23. Harsh Vardhan says

    The winner is GODZILLA

  24. МУСУЛМАН says

    GTR:IM KING!BUGATTI:Am I a joke to you?

  25. Ahmed Waheed says

    Why did Ferrari lose

  26. Süleyman Göl says

    Nissan Gtr r35 GODZİLLA🐉🔥

  27. RocketLeague ARL says

    When Koenigsegg here and start and so far and finish an make me laughed because supercars hypercard that get angry

  28. Lions Gate says


  29. mr. night man says

    Whose watchin in 2020 leave a like

  30. Deniz Lion says

    Even my van has a better start than this -_-

  31. XxSPACE VAPORXx says

    BMW should of won

  32. Alex Teutsch says

    This is definitely better than the world's greatest drag race 9

  33. lolCollol says

    Everybody who writing in here stuff like "my dream car won" or "it smokes everybody" should know, that whatever this guy did in the 458, didn't know what he was doing, the 458 can do half a second better than that.

  34. Samer Mazahreh says

    The music at the end starting @ 3:04 Underground Music – War & HopeYou're welcome

  35. youssef louafi says

    My love nissan gtr

  36. MEE HO says

    Back when there was no bullshit.. miss these days

  37. G- Smash Gaming says


  38. Luprez Tryson says

    I am so pissed they didn’t include a proper bmw M car

  39. Renefe Agan says

    why nissan gtr is not in the top fastest car in the world

  40. Wax says

    imagine AWD LFA…..

  41. subith ambali says

    yeah The Godzilla 💥

  42. فواز السريّع says

    The lotus is a joke 😂😂

  43. Juan Martinez says

    What’s the song that plays at the end results?

  44. Cynthia Maestrado says


  45. MDDeGrande1994 says

    Half of these cars aren't even driver's cars lmao

  46. John Lloyd says

    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:29 🔥💘💓 👇👇🔥

  47. Categorical Arrow says


  48. ㅋㄱ says

    니싼~ 쥐티알

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