WWE 2K Battlegrounds: ALL SUPERSTAR ENTRANCES!! (with Music)


Special thanks to 2K for sending across an Early Preview version of the game! #sponsored

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    Special thanks to 2K for sending across an Early Preview version of the game! #sponsored

    Check out 2K Battlegrounds: http://2kgam.es/2KBGSUPERZOMGBBQ

  2. Frango Djancis says

    When "parodic" faces are more real than in 2k20…

  3. Awesome Kid says

    6:38 Now John Cena's army cut hair has back

  4. ThreeEyedPea says

    The character models look like Celebrity Deathmatch

  5. Larry Hughes says

    Anyone Else Bothered by "Ray Wyatt"?

  6. ilooklikebae _ says

    Why are they coming out of boxes‼‼‼its dumb I was gonna get it but this just f*cked it up

  7. Jordon Jackson says

    I had high hopes for this game… I'm disappointed

  8. Mujahid Ali says

    Where is HHH?

  9. Lucas Leguiz says

    Yees Rey Mysterio looks great

  10. kelley gates says

    This is not a full price game

  11. JBull The King Of Entertainment says

    4:30 What in the world is jeff doing 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏

  12. Carlos Escobedo says

    I'll wait until it's $10 😂

  13. Timothy Barnett says

    Hey JB could you gift me a superpass I am Barnett67 in the game

  14. Jason Roberts says

    I pre-ordered!! I can't wait!

  15. Joseph Bailey says

    Why is everyone popping up from cardboard boxes like its donkey Kong. Shasha banks has her old theme and everyone has entrances which they will never do in real wrestling …. total disappointment

  16. JayyContentEntertainment says

    That voice is annoying.

  17. Simon Beckett says

    Just pre-ordered mine. Hopefully be here Thursday for me if not friday on release

  18. Hozdehoz says

    John cena and undertakers were the best by far

  19. Hozdehoz says

    Fireworks for hardy and edge were terrible plus they do the wrong hand gestures wtf

  20. Hozdehoz says

    Entrances are too short would be better if it was full entrance

  21. Hozdehoz says

    Crowd noise needs to be louder and the announcer is terrible

  22. Michael C says

    Why was Jeff Hardy humping the air and why did Edge have stomach pains?

  23. BIg B Swayn says


  24. Ameya Mainde says

    Where's Otis with his lunch box? 😂

  25. Tony Gomez says

    My created character and rey is gonna be my mains lol

  26. Sonic Hydra says

    6:38 Found a glitch. There wasn't a character model in the entrance.

  27. Xavier Washington says

    Out of all Taker had the best entrance, and why did Edge get on his knees?


    I am disapointed that they took a allstars entrance aproach but then again it is cool with alot of characters

  29. Ameya Mainde says

    Am I the only one who was disappointed not to see Woods use the trumpet 🎺?☹️ Where's Asuka's mask? Hope this is not the final build we are getting as the entrances are not up to the mark at all

  30. Liana Verwood says

    This crate system is pointless and stupid.

  31. Sean Mars says

    Couldn't help but notice that they still use "Ave Satanus" as Andre the Giant's theme. Didn't he had another one or are they predisposed to this one?

  32. Ale Tal says

    R I p andre the giant🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  33. bigballerju07 says

    I have no problem if we don't have full entrances. I stopped watching full entrances over the years anyways. WWF No Mercy only had partial entrances. I am all about the gameplay. Hope its good.

  34. YvngBlvvd Svccer says

    Terrible 😂

  35. Mason Salard says

    Bro this announcer really phoned it in…

  36. HunainManLynch J10 says

    Do you got a becky lynch entrance video

  37. manbenitez247 says

    Wow!!!!! I haven't seen such shitty entrances since the first Smackdown vs Raw….

  38. Jamie Breeton says

    i wanna see the royal rumble jb is there a royal rumble in this game i hope so cos all wwe games have royal rumbles

  39. Zaki Boi says


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