Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Official Mobile Trailer


Starting today, in select markets, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play over 100 Xbox games, such as Tell Me Why, The Touryst and more, on Android phones and tablets from the cloud (Beta) via the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.


  1. Grim says

    This is the reason I switch to Android after a decade of iPhones. Well done apple

  2. john samuel says

    Doesn't work in India ☹️

  3. ARH78 says

    How dose it work how do I connect my phone to the Xbox do I use a app or something

  4. Blu Gill says

    excited but realised not in my countrybetter wait for others review the

  5. Elemento14x2138 says

    Going from ps4 to this. What a huge change in gaming innovation. Series S day one

  6. 19PCS11 JAMES.A says


  7. Eren Karayılan says

    Can i play with my ds4 on mobile

  8. theamarnaik says

    Bakwaas Games

  9. Klark Griswold says

    So my switch is pretty much useless now

  10. 이자성 says

    내가 탭s7+ 산 이유중 하나… 가즈아!!!

  11. Igg Gy says

    What Samsung devices can use this ?

  12. Solid EXC says

    121 ps fans dislikes and counting

  13. shachar movies says


  14. minitdm fan a.k.a Harry Brown says

    Apple thinks they'll get more money if they block services. Really, they're just making sure they lose it. And my brothers wondered why I would want an older by a year than new gen Android phone instead of an iPhone X.

  15. Solo laric Entertainment says

    PlayStation will do better

  16. Solo laric Entertainment says

    No FIFA 😃

  17. KenniCrazy says

    apple has left the chat

  18. VI7ION says

    What the name of the Song??


    Xbox on killer mode this year

  20. Raj Stark says

    I just preordered the galaxy z fold 2 as a birthday gift to myself this month. Icing on the cake would be in if this is compatible with it.

  21. samsak sak says

    So u guys want to waste the battery life if my $1000 smartphone. Sorry not gonna happen

  22. Gaurav Negi says

    Xbox just now need to improve it's quality of games given monthly to totally beat PS services for now and ever.

  23. Mahindra Datir says

    They want us to destroy our phone with such graphics

  24. Daniel Hayes says


  25. slumble bee says

    Us Aussie’s still have to wait till Microsoft allows us to play on our phones.

  26. Atul K says

    what if we don't have xbox controller

  27. TheStruggleContinues says

    Plz make this work for Apple iPhones

  28. Da Geeky Nerd says

    Cries in iOS

  29. Konrad Dillmann says

    What happened to destiny?

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