You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019 London


You won’t believe what happened at Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019 London! The best soapbox race cars met at probably the funniest event ever to come to London: Red Bull Soapbox Race.

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Intrepid teams of racers mix hilarious pageantry with insane homemade soapbox racecars and send themselves hurtling down challenging, obstacle-filled courses. Crowds of thousands gather to watch the motorless mayhem in cities across the globe.


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.

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  1. Adrian Faris says

    No pit stop crew, no drama, no fancy clothes, no VIP tribune, no expensive equipment, zero air pollution, no noisy exhaust, no earplug, no complicated rules, just enjoy the crash and laugh as loud as you want RIP F1

  2. bushpilot says

    COMING SOON!$ Red Bull soapbox " Death Race 2020" Derby. SWEET!

  3. Georgi Radkov says

    Weather: cloudy with no sight of sun anywhereBritish: its nice and sunny today

  4. hey tu says

    the MIB jaguar guy should give vettel some lessons on how to save a car and not sBinala(spin).

  5. Midnight Pariah says

    No one:YouTube Algorithm: watch some soapbox racing and supertrucks.

  6. Donald Fuller says

    It took you coming to the course to realize your airplane derby car was to high??? I really hope this isn't the future of our engineering.

  7. Retard says

    14:28 Just a timestamp of where i left.

  8. T M says

    this would be so much more fun WITHOUT the stupid dancing crap, then you wouldnt have to be gay to enter.

  9. Lance Jones says

    Is it me, or is Vick super hot?

  10. PronomicalArtist says

    I can't believe the F1 replica didn't get placed top 3

  11. Rasyid Pamuji says

    Soapbox racing is probably the best thing I have discovered….. (i really like the japan one)

  12. Texantroll says

    Somebody needs to explain caster angle to the designers

  13. Melkisedec says

    Red Bull Soapbox Race in Belgium???

  14. Simon Rodgers says

    Throw a Sausage in the chick presenter

  15. james craghead says

    Host chic is CUTE

  16. Glen Atchison says

    1:11:37 lmao that flipper joke went over his head


    shes way too hot for u 2 fuckboys

  18. SpeedDennis says

    49:15 HAHAHAHAAA tears in my eyes! 😀

  19. Foundry RC says


  20. DannyJoe08 says

    Probaly shouldn't have had the 250lb girl driving the super low infinity gauntlet.

  21. Phuque2 says

    I'd do this, if you didn't have to dress up/act like a total douche.

  22. Duston Bezzeg says

    1:00:57 "This is the bonerattler, this should finish… oh!!! Look at that! Lol this announcer was perfect man this is funny to watch

  23. Duston Bezzeg says

    So much time and creativity goes into making these soap box races. I could watch these all day. Hats off to red bull for making this a thing and funding it.

  24. Makin Waves says

    3:33 it always starts with a hand on the shoulder…

  25. Judas Blewit says

    Who's the beautiful black girl?

  26. 400 Gaming says

    Dunno HOW this got on my Recommended but I'm kinda glad it did.

  27. Thorin Oakenshield says

    @1:00:55 The guy at the guard rail almost got nailed by Rocket to Mars. Just barely missed him, wow

  28. micah mackenzie says

    31:16 MCK shirt* Smoking a joint 🙂

  29. Tom Cobly says

    Fletcher is a right wanker makes it up as he goes

  30. TVFaab says

    nice black girl

  31. J 61 says

    This video is hilarious and for sure I'd do this if it came to our area! But of all the ones I watched the Brits have the best track so far! And the announcer was perfect. Well done guys!

  32. todd timmons says

    Team light failure

  33. Alexander Nash says

    It seems like having any sort of wing in your design creates a ton of drag.

  34. Simon L says

    "You Won't Believe Your Eyes" at how it's exactly like all other Red Bull Soapbox Race up to now.

  35. TheBushdoctor68 says

    "Hey boss, remember how some people did a little dance at the starting line?"- "Yep"."Let's make that mandatory and take out any and all spontaneity, so it looks really forced and stuck up".- "Great idea".

  36. MrChuckles says

    14:42 Beautiful design indeed

  37. Jaxon Blade says

    Who is that precious woman?

  38. dnl machine says

    Ohhhh the smile on Poppy Redbulls face as shes driving says it ALL.Stay gold.

  39. nuffflavor says

    100% Buffoonery !!!!!ROFLMAO !!!!

  40. Max Tickner says

    Again spoiled by a crap and patronising narrator……Skip this video and go to ALL the others, they have far, far less drivelling……

  41. iMichael Johnson says

    doctor who outfit at 50:48

  42. Alec M says


  43. MaipleRain says

    If I had to predict where I would see the most beautiful person in existence, I would not have said "doing commentary on a soap box race"

  44. Matt G says

    For a country that never sends anyone to space or does literally anything to help develop a space program.. these guys sure are obsessed with space ships.

  45. Matt G says

    whatever redbull paid these announcers.. they should have doubled it

  46. ari barclay says

    Best kicker yet

  47. Zynos GD says

    Where's her belly-button? Is she a clone???

  48. Miss Jae says

    And yet they are attacking white people in the UK saying the UK is racist as well. BLM are terrorists.

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