Your Android phone is now a WIRELESS webcam w/ NDI HX Camera for Android! | WE DID IT!


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NewTek are FINALLY releasing a NDI HX Camera app for Android! This allows you to use your Android smartphone as a webcam, wirelessly, for video calling, recording, streaming, etc. At last!
They are holding onto the app to finish it up for a couple more weeks, but you can sign up to be notified of release date here:

► NDI Has Revolutionized the Broadcast Industry (Video Essay) –
► Interview w/ Dr. Andrew Cross –
►► NDI Playlist:

Phone Tripod (Amazon Paid link):
Phone monitor clamp (Amazon paid link):

NDI Plugin for OBS Studio:

Zoom footage provided by Getty Images.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Selfie Camera Pixel 4 NDI
01:05 Quality Tiers
02:05 Message from our Sponsor
03:32 What is NDI?
04:25 NDI HX Camera for Android App
04:29 Why do you want this?
05:21 Rear Camera Pixel 4 NDI
06:01 Price? Cost?
06:16 Wireless Stream Camera Options
07:02 Software Setup
07:45 Final Thoughts
08:00 Latency & Audio Sync
08:40 Conclusion

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  1. EposVox says

    NewTek are holding onto the app to finish it up for a couple more weeks, but you can sign up to be notified of release date here:

  2. Rocket says

    can the app be used while plugged in?

  3. Anthony says

    Weirdly enough, your front facing camera looks better?

  4. Marc Ritz says

    You should do a quick tutorial for audio syncing in obs

  5. BlazeshotzTV says

    Hey It's MiniVox

  6. The Gaming Résumé says


  7. Ac_plugs says

    Letsssss gooooo

  8. scarletspidernz says

    So could you do a roundup video of similar apps and which ones work best in which situations, that would be cool. TY

  9. Aji Setiawan says

    Crop factor gone, then it'll be perfect I think.

  10. sksmily says

    Can you use ndi on a WiFi network with no WiFi password or browser login for WiFi

  11. Michael Liu says

    "Human Malware" situation. Sounds like Tech jeebs LOL.

  12. RichMantaray says

    Halloween is over and done with so no need for a white face

  13. Ben Hovinga says

    Not in the play store yet 🙁

  14. BossManSays says

    How much of a delay is there?

  15. SteveTerada says

    can you do something on Xsplit Vcam’s new app xsplit connect: webcam PLEASE!

  16. Grant Hinds says

    YES MAN!!!

  17. Jorgie Mathew says

    I have been using that older android app for over a year and I can say it is better than iOS's free version… and elgato's screenlink.
    I have even tried connecting up to seven different Android phones for a small multicam video shoot. And it was just being limited by the bandwidth of my old router… Preview, live and standby all works perfectly…

  18. illusdidi2 says

    nice clickbait "Your Android phone is now a WIRELESS webcam"

  19. Lohk's says

    lol look at me ;P

  20. JordonAM says

    Wireless is nice but I wish the apps could focus on wired. One can dream

  21. Cyberneticwarmachine says

    The interface may look better. But Droidcam looks better in my experience. Even on my older Huawei phone. So sadly not a video for me but usefull for many!

  22. Swindy says

    I wonder if you could somehow combo this with the Pi Cam and get a Pi powered android DSLR replacement :O

  23. Travis Kelleher says

    Very cool app, opens up a lot of possibilities. Cute kiddo by the way!

  24. AngryApple says

    Weird cut at 6:12

  25. Ackros Gliceas says

    now ? this is old news this has been possible for ages with other apps. i use my android tablet as my SLOBS remote and the built in CAM linked virtually into the cam source.

    also works for Microsoft Teams/Discord etc..

    will check this out and see if any better, thanks

  26. Jon says

    I've been using Droidcam OBS for the last couple weeks with some success, but this might work better. I've been wanting to play with NDI for a while on my old Android phones, glad Newtek finally released their own app

  27. Timme7700 says

    Thats awesome!
    Thank you NewTek

  28. Coalition Gaming says

    Phones as webcams aww yisss. Been waiting on the NDI HX app. I still use the old ndi android app occasionally, works great for how I use it. Dabbled with ivcam but ndi was just easier for me since I can turn it on whenever I wanted on stream and walk around with the camera, instead of having to also fire up a desktop companion app and stuff.

  29. Malkator Tempestus says

    20 bu-?


  30. Rusty's Adventures says

    I was about to comment droi- but never mind( because people already spamming it :p)

  31. Nita Vesa says

    Kiddo looked so happy and relaxed to just hang around and watch what daddy-o was up to.

  32. Matthew Drodge says

    I've been using AnyCam for years and the new version works with obs

  33. Atticus Nari says

    Yo Vox man what is the extension you use on the YouTube webpage?

  34. Simon Saucy says

    When are we going to get in ndi monitor app for Android

  35. thejrof says

    Epos, wondering if you've seen Xsplit's webcam app "XSplit Connect" that is compatible with XSplit VCAM yet? Seems similar functionality for users that use VCAM.

  36. DK says

    It's funny, I've been using that original NDI Android app for a while.
    The only issue I've had was that it stretched the preview image on my phone. The output itself was fine though. Nice and smooth frame rates.

  37. DJ Vidual says

    AWESOME, but the latency is something that will be adressed later on I think. My IP Webcam has around 70ms latency. Quality difference will be huge I think, and I only tested the IP Webcam app without sound. So lets see where this app gets us.

  38. heyguyslol GAMING says

    It's not on the Google App store. Is there a launch date or was it pulled down? I've been using "IP Webcam" which works perfectly fine w/o a hitch but the NDI version seems to offer a few more features that I'd like to try.

  39. TromboneSteve says


  40. R J says

    I using it about 6 month on ios

  41. SesshyS says

    IP webcam..DroidCam..DroidCam OBS..

  42. Watchmaker Fs says

    What's the difference between this and IP Webcam or Iriun 4k? Is it the same type of app?

  43. biG_kiLLaZ says


  44. Eric Lacasse says

    Can you turn off the camera and use your smartphone as a lavalier microphone transmitter?

  45. JoeyRedGames says

    So will the app work well with Twitch?

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